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Easily embeddable, rapid scaling white label ATS software

Add our white label recruiting technology to your product suite and watch your business scale. Our ATS software gives you flexibility that goes far beyond other white label products. There is no other recruiting software that’s this simple to use, yet robust enough to handle the most complex recruitment workflows.

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Expand your solution

Add AI-powered recruiting software designed to fit into your product.

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Grow your revenue

Scale your business by monetizing your existing client base.

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Enable faster hiring

Help your clients attract, evaluate, and hire through your product.

Seamlessly integrate recruiting with employee onboarding

Private Label Applicant Tracking System

Pre-built, adaptable recruiting software

Benefits of a white label applicant tracking system

Take our ready-made, white label recruiting software to market as your own. Tailor the platform to your unique specifications or integrate it to meet your needs. When you partner with HiringThing, you will solve the recruiting challenges of the businesses you serve while presenting the applicant tracking system as your own proprietary solution.

Plug recruiting into your solution

Add recruiting software to your core product with our open API applicant tracking system. Present your new functionality to clients as a proprietary solution, while our infrastructure runs this technology behind the scenes

Private Label ATS Infrastructure

Partnership Compatibility Assessment

Solve your industry's unique recruiting needs

The HiringThing Partner Experience™ is a truly unique solution. We provide a technically superior white label applicant tracking system, along with friendliness, flexibility, and support from a top-tier team of experts. Plus, we can partner with anyone.

HR Technology

Fully integrate an award-winning recruiting solution into your HRIS, HCM, Benefit, or Payroll platform.

Vertical SaaS

Combine your core competency with ours to offer recruiting to your clients, and set yourself apart.


Amplify your clients’ recruitment efforts by adding applicant tracking under your umbrella of services.


Easily manage multiple clients with advanced features, permissions, and analytics to decrease time to hire.


Leverage a single recruiting software across your locations to standardize your hiring and candidate experience.


Add value and expand your member benefits while generating non-dues revenue for you.

Connect your clients with an intuitive recruiting software

Your clients will love using your intuitive and full-featured recruiting platform to attract, engage, and hire great candidates.

Job Requisition Workflow

Job Requisition Workflows

Take the work out of workflow with our simplified process for opening, approving, and posting job requisitions.

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Online Job Postings

Easily post job openings to multiple boards—ensure your postings appear on the sites ideal job candidates frequent.

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Careers Page

Showcase employer brand with a customizable careers page.

Background Checks

Assessment Tools & Screening

Do your due diligence with integrated pre-employment screening and background checks.

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Communicating with candidates has never been easier with SMS messaging and customizable email templates.

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Calendaring & Scheduling

Take the back-and-forth out of interview scheduling for candidates and hiring managers with real-time access to calendars.

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Permissions That Work For You

Keep your team focused. Set permissions to account for every role, from Administrator to Read-Only.

Rating and Scorecard

Applicant Ratings & Scorecards

Confidently share opinions and reduce bias in the process with multiple reviews and star ratings to rank your top talent.

Analytics Tools

Applicant Analytics™

Identify your most effective recruiting channels and optimize your efforts with advanced data and reporting.

Applicant Tracking Features

  • Branded Careers Page
  • Form Builder™ Custom Application Forms
  • AI-Enabled Job Descriptions ✨
  • Job Boards Distribution
  • Applicant Tagging & Filtering
  • AI-Assisted Resume Screening ✨
  • Custom Job & Applicant Fields
  • Messaging Templates
  • SMS & Texting
  • QR Code to Apply
  • Onboarding Documents & Offer Letters
  • Activity Feed
  • Referral Program
  • Resume Import & Parsing
  • Calendaring & Candidate Self-Scheduling
  • Scorecards & Star Ratings
  • Video Conferencing
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Unlimited Users
  • Advanced User Roles & Permissions
  • Staffing and Multi-site Versions


  • Job Board Distribution
  • Background Checks & Screening
  • Form I-9 & E-Verify
  • Pre-hire Assessment Tools
  • Reference Checks
  • Video Interviewing
  • WOTC
  • EEOC
  • Email and Calendars
  • Workflow Tools i.e., Slack


  • Full end-user support
  • Developer-friendly API & Webhooks
  • Disclosure Statements
  • EOE & OFCCP Data Collection
  • Security & Reliability
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

Reach beyond a white label applicant tracking system with bespoke customizations

HiringThing offers white and private label modalities for our applicant tracking system. Though often used interchangeably, there are significant differences between them. Our recruiting platform is built to take you to the next level.

White Label Applicant Tracking System
Produced by a SaaS or PaaS company, a white label software is outfitted with your branding, and then resold as a proprietary solution.

Private Label Applicant Tracking System
Goes beyond white-labeling with access to our open API to customize the platform to build bespoke workflows, SSO integration, or add-ons.

Your private label developers are deeply invested in your success, working with you to ensure your new solution meets your needs and launches successfully.

Employees evaluate white label applicant tracking system options

A Strategic Approach to Revenue Generation

private label HR software integration
Adding an applicant tracking system can help organizations save money and generate revenue. Savvy organizations looking to expand their services can build their own applicant tracking system (ATS) or partner with a private label applicant tracking software vendor. As the leading private label for recruiting software, we created A Strategic Guide to Revenue Generation to examine the costs and cost-savings associated with a this type of partnership. Our partner solution can be tailored to the unique needs of HR Technology, HR Organizations (HROs), Vertical SaaS, Staffing, Franchises, Associations, and more. Wondering how private labeling an applicant tracking system can work for you? Reach out!

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