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Upgrade your vertical SaaS by adding hiring software

No matter what industry you serve with your Vertical SaaS, your clients need to hire and onboard great talent. Expand your offering—and your revenue—to become a full-stack HR solution.

Vertical SaaS recruiting software integration
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Make your product stand out in a niche market with the HR software

Stand out from competitors and make your platform more versatile by expanding your solution.

Be the most you can be with a complete solution

Expand your market share or break into new markets with embedded talent solutions that solve universal customer challenges.

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Go to market fast and experience dedicated support

Launch your talent solutions in a matter of days while taking advantage of full partners support from our team of experts.

Build on our open HR platform

Developer building on open API ATS
Let our experts develop, upkeep, and consistently evolve your talent solutions, saving your team time and money. An Open API provides you the flexibility to customize our product to fit your business goals. Private Label Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Employee Onboarding software, are sometimes called white label. Though similar, a private label ATS goes a step further  with customization options and unrivaled partner support.

Empower your clients to grow

You’ll add value to your existing core product by solving for recruiting and retention, the top business challenge of today.

One-Stop Software

Offer your customers a seamless, automated hiring tool integrated with their business management software.

Tailored Workflows

Customize your recruiting software with bespoke workflows, SSO capabilities, and integrated third-party tools.

Hiring, Solved

Empower your customers to get everything done in one place with a comprehensive SaaS solution that includes recruiting.

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Expand your platform with white label hiring software

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