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A Strategic Approach to Revenue Generation for HR Tech Companies

Grow your revenue with recruiting and onboarding software solutions customized for your business model

89% of C-Suite executives and 83% of HR leaders say HR tech enables them to be more flexible and responsive to the constantly shifting world of work. HR tech customers currently need help with recruiting solutions.  

  • Capturing valuable HR insights and improving recruiting (and retention) are overwhelmingly the two biggest HR challenges facing businesses today.
  • Recruiting and retaining top talent is the top problem facing 52% of small businesses.
  • 74% of organizations felt their recruiting strategies were underperforming in 2022. 

To remain competitive, forward-thinking HR tech platforms integrate white label applicant tracking system (ATS) and new hire onboarding software into their tech stack. A white label partnership empowers its clients to solve their top business challenge, drives revenue, expands market share, decreases customer churn, and expands the bandwidth of their team.

As the leader in white label ATS and employee onboarding HR Tech space, HiringThing created Private Label Applicant Tracking System: A Strategic Approach to Revenue Generation to examine how a white label applicant tracking system can help your organization unlock new revenue streams, explore why private labeling is a savvier choice than building a hiring solution from scratch and study private label ATS cost vs. impact.

Unlock strategic revenue.

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