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Power your recruiting & onboarding solutions with white label software

Our cloud-based white label software for recruiting and onboarding embeds into your existing solution. Connect your clients with hiring software by adding our platform to your technology or service.

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Make your mark

Our white label platform is the most adaptable solution on the market. Easily customize branding or take it up a notch by creating customizations that reflect your unique hiring workflows.

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Simplify development

Seamlessly integrate systems, transfer applicant data, and build bespoke recruiting and onboarding workflows with our open API and developer tools.

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Go to market fast

Seamlessly integrate systems, transfer applicant data, and build bespoke recruiting and onboarding workflows with our open API and developer tools.

Private Label Applicant Tracking System PaaS

White label your way into product expansion

Add applicant tracking and employee onboarding to your product suitePlus, go beyond branding–our infrastructure, open API, and 360° support enables you to tailor the solution to your workflows.

Product Evolution

Product lifecycle, handled

Through nimble engineering, we’ve built an approachable and adaptable applicant tracking system and employee onboarding that integrates and evolves at lightning speed.

Endpoints you can trust

We built our HR platform on an open API with developers in mind. The result is a well documented and technically supported application that just works.

Business partners in a meeting

Your success is our motivator

We see our team of experts as an extension of yours–providing partner, technical, and end-user support every step of the way.

Shorten your time to implement talent solutions

Go to market fast with HiringThing’s unparalleled and fully-supported recruiting and onboarding solution. From demo to launch, we’ll move at your pace while delivering Partner Perfection™ every step of the way.

Meet your hiring & Onboarding software
We're so happy you found us.
Product demo and technical call
Take a tour of the product your clients will love, and get answers to any technical questions you have.
White Label Setup
Once you sign on the dotted line, we'll have you up and running in a matter of days—not weeks.
Our applicant tracking and onboarding experts will get you ready to add users like a pro.
Take your new hiring solutions to market with 360° partner support.

Assess our partnership compatibility

Receive immediate results in one minute. No email required.

Enjoy 360° partner support from an expert team of specialists.

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Flexible revenue models that fit your billing structure

Elevate your business’ top-line revenue with tailored pricing models designed to fit your distinct business model, providing you with freedom and adaptability.

Be confident your data is secure

We’re serious about data security and protection. We’re proud of our stringent policies and procedures that ensure your data is safe and secure.

Take your business to the next level

Reach new customers and add value to your current product offering with HiringThing ATS and employee onboarding software.

Scale your business

Power up your business’ growth potential without overextending resources.

Grow revenue

Generate top-line revenue by monetizing our ready-built recruiting solution.

Increase retention

Sustain your business by keeping your clients happy with recruiting solutions that just work.

Experience flexibility

Deliver a consistent service that fits with your business or pricing model—we’ll adapt to you.

Extend your team

Leverage the skills and expertise of our team to compliment and support yours.

Expand your network

Gain valuable relationships instantly with job distribution sites and dynamic third-party service vendors.

Strengthen your brand

Bolster your brand while providing your customers with business-saving recruiting solutions.

Make hiring equitable

Enable bias-free and inclusive hiring with a compliant and accessible software.

Be people-centric

Offer the candidate-first experience that today’s job-seekers demand.

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G&A Partners Leverages PrismHR Hiring to Solve Recruiting Challenges​

Partnering with HiringThing allowed G&A Partners to brand and seamlessly integrate our ATS into their existing HR product stack.


The Ultimate Guide to Establishing a SaaS Private Label Partnership​

Private label partnerships are a great way for SaaS organizations to expand their solutions and grow their business.

A Strategic Approach to Revenue Generation

Expand your solution with connected hiring and employee onboarding tech

We enable anyone, anywhere to build their dream team.

HiringThing for Partners

Offer recruiting and onboarding to your clients.


HiringThing for Employers

Hire and onboard employees for your business.

Applicant Tracking System