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Accelerate recruiting and employee onboarding across locations

Our award-winning hiring and new hire onboarding software makes finding and getting talented employees to productivity easy for all of your franchisees or locations. Expertly designed franchise roll-out packages ensure a successful launch of your multi-location recruiting and onboarding solution.

Multi-Location recruiting software
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Power up your stores' HR technology to make hiring and onboarding easy

Easy-to-use ATS and employee onboarding software with product features they’ll love: applicant pooling, SMS messaging, express applications, scan to apply with QR codes, and more.

Protect your brand and customize your hiring and onboarding solutions

Strengthen your employer brand with a consistent, barrier-free candidate and new hire experience that will boost the hiring efficiency of your franchisees.

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Breathe easy with centralized hiring and onboarding

Our franchise rollout packages will ensure you have joint employer liability protection.

For Franchisors

As a franchisor, you entrust your business to a multitude of partner operators. Enable centralized hiring and new hire onboarding while safeguarding your brand with highly customizable white label talent software. We’ll support your launch with roll-out packages that address joint liability.

For Franchisees

As a franchisee, recruiting and getting new hires to productivity is a top priority. Leverage the power of HiringThing HR technology to source, evaluate, hire, and onboard great employees. Our applicant tracking and onboarding software are designed to streamline and automate the hiring and onboarding processes while creating a positive candidate experience.

Take hiring and onboarding to the next level

Franchise hiring team reviews candidates
Attracting today’s future employees requires thinking outside of the box. They demand positive hiring experiences and a whopping 58% of job seekers are searching on mobile. Our ATS and onboarding software allows you to create candidate-first processes and embrace technology with vast online job board distribution, mobile-friendly QR code applications, integrated asynchronous video interviews, and more. White Label Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Employee Onboarding technology, sometimes referred to as a white label, goes beyond custom branding to enable bespoke workflows and dedicated partner support to give you a competitive edge.
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Online Job Postings

Easily post job openings to multiple boards—ensure your postings appear on the sites ideal job candidates frequent.

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Careers Page

Showcase your employer brand with a customized career page.

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Apply with QR Code

Applicants can pull up your job listings with a quick scan on their mobile device.

Background Checks

Assessment Tools & Screening

Do your due diligence with integrated pre-employment screening and background checks.

Rating and Scorecard

Applicant Ratings & Scorecards

Confidently share opinions and reduce bias in the process with multiple reviews and star ratings to rank your top talent.

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Applicant Pool

Tap into the power of your database and browse candidates in your applicant pool.

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