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Embeddable, intuitive white label employee onboarding software

Enhance your existing product by adding our white label onboarding software. You’ll grow your revenue while empowering your clients to strengthen and scale their new hire onboarding.

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Expand your solution

Add employee onboarding software designed to fit into your product.

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Grow your revenue

Scale your business by leveraging your existing sales channel.

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Enable onboarding

Make employee onboarding simple and compliant for your clients.

Pre-built, customizable employee onboarding software

Benefits of white label employee onboarding software

Take our ready-made, white label employee onboarding software to market as your own. Chose our white label modality to tailor the platform to your unique specifications. When you partner with HiringThing, your proprietary talent software will save time and money for the businesses you serve while helping them solve retention and time-to-hire challenges.

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Solve your industry's unique new hire onboarding needs

The HiringThing Partner Experience™ is a truly unique solution. We provide technically superior white label employee onboarding along with friendliness, flexibility, and support from a top-tier team of experts. Plus, we can partner with anyone.

HR Technology

Fully integrate an intuitive employee onboarding solution into your HRIS, HCM, Workforce Management, or Payroll platform.

Vertical SaaS

Combine your core competency with ours to offer onboarding to your clients, and set yourself apart.


Leverage a single employee onboarding software across your locations to create a consistent new hire experience.


Amplify your clients’ recruitment efforts by adding  powerful employee onboarding software under your umbrella of services.

Plug onboarding into your solution

Add recruiting software to your core product with our open employee onboarding software. Present your new functionality to clients as a proprietary solution, while our infrastructure runs this technology behind the scenes.

Connect your clients with an intuitive onboarding software

Your clients will love how our SaaS solution enhances the new hire onboarding process and strengthens employee retention with customizable workflows, streamlined digital paperwork, and compliance management.

dynamic workflows & templates

Workflows & Templates

Adapt the onboarding journey to fit unique HR processes or individual roles

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Documents & E-Signature

Upload, manage, and request signatures on important onboarding documents

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Form I-9 & E-Verify

Seamless employment eligibility with integrated verifications

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Task Management

Centralize how action items are assigned, managed, and tracked for new hires, employees, and managers

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Guiding new hires through the onboarding process has never been easier

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Employee Portal

Complete essential onboarding tasks and access important information

Onboarding Features

  • Customizable Forms
  • Documents & E-Signature
  • Integrated I-9 & E-Verify
  • Dynamic Workflows & Templates
  • Email & Messaging
  • Employee Portal
  • Task Management


  • Full end-user support
  • Developer-friendly API & Webhooks
  • Disclosure Statements
  • EOE & OFCCP Data Collection
  • Security & Reliability
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

Reach beyond a white label onboarding with bespoke customizations

HiringThing offers white and private label modalities for our applicant tracking system. Though they are often used interchangeably, there are significant differences between them. Our platform is built to take you to the next level.

White Label Employee Onboarding
Produced by a SaaS or PaaS company,  white label software is outfitted with your branding and resold as a proprietary solution.

Private Label Employee Onboarding
Goes beyond white-labeling with access to our open API to customize the platform to build bespoke workflows, SSO integration, or add-ons.

Your private label developers are deeply invested in your success, working with you to ensure your new solution meets your needs and launches successfully.

Employees evaluate white label applicant tracking system options

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Expand your solution with white label onboarding software

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