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Working remotely since 2012

Remote work isn’t as uncommon as it used to be. In fact, employees are now demanding it. Remote work provides a host of benefits, such as flexibility, cost savings, more focus, better work/life balance, unlimited corner offices, and more. The HiringThing team is made up of individuals who purposefully sought a remote-work experience and since we like to think we hire the best, we grant our team the autonomy to decide the working style that makes them successful We’ve been remote since inception so you could say we’re expertshere’s our insights on how to make it work for you!

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Remote State Prove its the Future of Work

HR 101

Remote Work Statistics Prove It's the Future of Work​

Gartner estimates that fully remote workers will represent 32% of the worldwide workforce by the end of 2021.

Building remote work culture

HR 101

Building Culture with a Fully Remote Team​

It’s no secret that remote work is continually on the rise, and the idea of working in a traditional office is becoming passé.

Work from anywhere in high demand

HR 101

How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Work Remotely

The work-from-anywhere experts at HiringThing are here to help pitch your boss on working remotely. 

We're remote work experts

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