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Remote Work Manifesto

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We’re a 100% remote company

Who needs a foosball table or pizza party as a guise for company perks when you have transparency, autonomy, and the flexibility to work from your living room or an Airstream overlooking the beach? We’ve crafted our own special work environment because remote work enhances the lives of our employees and fuels our company’s growth.

Work Environment

Everyone should be free to craft their own perfect work environment.

Work Flexibility

Work flexibility produces better productivity, better results.

Results Produced

At HiringThing results produced, not hours worked, are key.

Diversity & Inclusion

Remote teams are from all different regions, cultures, backgrounds.

Small Teams

Small teams accomplish things more efficiently and get things done.

High Performance

Being remote means clear goals, performance and results.

Live your life and your dreams

Join the team

We enable anyone, anywhere to build their dream team.

HiringThing for Partners

Offer recruiting and onboarding to your clients.


HiringThing for Employers

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