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Empower your clients to recruit and onboard skilled workers

Embedded recruiting and new hire onboarding enhances your construction HR software with revenue-generating hiring solutions that enable your clients to intuitively hire and onboard skilled workers.

Construction software
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Expand your solution and scale your business

Drive revenue and increase your market share with an integrated talent solutions that solve some of the construction industry’s top challenges.

Meet market demand to gain a competitive edge

Stand out from competitors and make your platform more versatile with customized hiring solutions tailored to the construction industry.

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Go to market fast with dedicated partner support

Add new hiring and onboarding solutions quickly with full partner and end-user support from our team of product experts.

Launch your construction hiring and new hire onboarding solutions

Let our experts develop, upkeep, and consistently evolve your hiring solution, saving your team time and money. An Open API provides you the flexibility to customize our product to fit your business goals. Private Label Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Employee Onboarding software are sometimes called white label, but go a step further with customization options and unrivaled partner support.
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Careers Page

Showcase your employer brand with a customized career page.

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Job Distribution Platform

Easily post job openings to multiple boards—ensure your postings appear on the sites ideal job candidates frequent.

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Apply with QR Code

Applicants can pull up your job listings with a quick scan on their mobile device.

Job Requisition Workflow

Workflows & Templates

Take the work out of workflow with our simplified process and templates for hiring and onboarding new employees.

Rating and Scorecard

Applicant Ratings & Scorecards

Confidently share opinions and reduce bias in the process with multiple reviews and star ratings to rank your top talent.

Background Checks

Assessment Tools & Screening

Do your due diligence with integrated pre-employment screening and background checks.

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