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A Strategic Approach to Revenue Generation for Associations

Grow your non-dues revenue with customized recruiting solutions.

The latest Membership Marketing Benchmarking report found that 53% of associations find their value proposition “compelling” or “very compelling,” indicating that when an association delivers on value, they see a positive correlation with growth. 

Recruiting has been the top workplace challenge for the past four years. For the businesses Associations serve, they must ensure they fill the right positions with quality talent, reduce employee turnover, and keep their applicant traffic pipeline steady.

Adding a white label applicant tracking system can help Associations deliver value and add a compelling new non-dues revenue stream. Hiring is a universal business need that all association members can benefit from. By partnering with a private label developer, associations can offer specialized hiring for the industry they serve. 

As the leading private label ATS in the HR Tech space, HiringThing created Private Label Applicant Tracking System: A Strategic Approach to Revenue Generation to examine how a private label applicant tracking system can help your association unlock new revenue streams, explore why private labeling is a savvier choice than building a hiring solution from scratch and study private label ATS cost vs. impact.

Unlock strategic revenue.

Increasing non-dues revenue

An applicant tracking system can generate NDR from your current members. Studies show monetization is 4x more efficient than acquisition and 2x more efficient than retention at improving revenue growth.


of an association’s total revenue come from membership fees


of an association’s total revenue come from non-dues sources

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