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Pre-built, integrated recruiting & onboarding software to scale your business

Product expansion, simplified by HiringThing

HiringThing’s white label applicant tracking system and employee onboarding software enables your platform to scale through product-led growth. Lean into your product growth strategy by integrating our best-in-class ATS and onboarding into your solutions. Your customers will love the software, while you’ll grow your business with a new top-line revenue source.

Recruiting Solution

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software tool that helps businesses strengthen, streamline, and automate their hiring process. It allows businesses to post job openings, screen applicants, schedule interviews, and manage candidate data in one place. Integrating our ATS into your solution allows you to offer your customers a complete hiring solution.

New Hire Onboarding Solution

New hire onboarding software refines and expediates the processes a business needs to make productive and engage newly hired team members quickly. Strengthen employee retention with customizable workflows, streamlined digital paperwork, and compliance management into your solution allows you to offer your customers a complete hiring solution.

Welcome to Private Label

HiringThing’s private label ATS and onboarding software are a premier white label experience that goes a step further than white labeling to deliver:

  • Award-winning Software: Strengthen hiring for your clients’ with our intuitive, feature-rich recruiting platform.
  • Customizations & Branding: Design your solution to meet your clients’ recruiting needs.
  • Simple Development: Access resources and our Open API to integrate fast.
  • Fast Implementation: Launch in just weeks, confident in selling ATS to your end-users.
  • 360° Partner Support: Feel supported by a team of experts committed to your success.

Schedule a call with a platform expert.

Talk with a product expert to learn how to leverage recruiting and onboarding software in your product development and growth strategies.

Market growth at your fingertips

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Product Expansion

Access the tools and resources you need to integrate your recruiting solution fast and leave product innovation to us.

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Competitive Edge

Differentiate yourself from your competitors to retain and attract more customers by adding valuable product enhancements.

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Customer Experience

Our approachable and adaptable ATS makes hiring easy while our team of experts provides partner, technical, and end-user support every step of the way.

We enable anyone, anywhere to build their dream team.

HiringThing for Partners

Offer recruiting and onboarding to your clients.


HiringThing for Employers

Hire and onboard employees for your business.

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