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It’s no secret that remote work is continually on the rise, and the idea of working in a traditional office is becoming passé.

According to FlexJobs’ seventh annual workplace survey, 65% of workers think they would be more productive working from home than in a traditional office environment. Remote work can provide a host of other benefits, such as workplace flexibility, cost savings, defined focus, better work/life balance, unlimited corner offices, and more.

Okay, now that we’ve fired you up about remote work, we’re sure you’re wondering what working remotely is like. We have you covered! We encourage you to read the article links below, email it to yourself for later, or jump to the section that interests you most.

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At HiringThing, we are 100% remote, and we’ve crafted our own unique remote work environment.

Our key values, work style, team, and approach have evolved over time, and we love the place we’ve reached. Who could better share remote work insight than a company that fully lives and breathes it every day?

Read our Remote Work Manifesto to learn what makes us tick.

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