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Seamlessly integrated hiring software

Incorporate hiring software into your HR technology solution to enable your clients to hire their next star employees. Plus, add top-line revenue for you. 

Integrated ATS for HR Solutions
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Add value and revenue without expending resources

A variety of pricing models allow you to effortlessly bill your clients and  generate additional revenue for your business.

Breathe easy with fast integration and continuous evolution

Quickly embed an integrated recruiting solution while leaving product
enhancements to us.
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Have confidence with our fully supported partner solution

We’re dedicated to finding shared success with you. End-user support, training, marketing and sales enablement, and engineering wrapped into our trademarked Partner Perfection™.

Build on our open recruiting platform

Co-workers review applicant tracking technology

Save time and resources by letting our experts develop, upkeep, and consistently evolve your future-ready recruiting solution. Our Open API gives your team the freedom to build on and customize our Product to fit your needs. You may have heard of a Private Label Applicant Tracking System called a white label applicant tracking system. Though often used interchangeably, a private label applicant tracking system takes things a step beyond white labeling with the option for customizations and full partner support.

Empower your clients to grow

You’ll add value to your existing core product by solving for recruiting and retention, the top business challenge of today.

Intuitive & Robust

Take your clients on a hiring journey, from sourcing to onboarding, with intuitive and full-featured hiring software.

Full End-User Support

Ensure your clients’ success with customer support from applicant tracking experts, provided by phone, email, or chat.

Seamless Integration

Offer the functionality your clients require, including mobile-friendliness, SSO capabilities, and third-party tools.

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