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Human resources has gone digital

Your clients are investing in human resources technology, but are you investing in expanding your solution to meet their needs? If not, you’re missing out on sales opportunities.

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Add applicant tracking to your system

Integrate our hiring software into your solution and watch your sales potential expand. Become a single-source HR platform offering your clients the advanced recruiting features they demand while avoiding the high cost of developing your own applicant tracking system.

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Experience Partner Perfection™

The HiringThing Partner Experience is a unique partner solution, providing partners with a technically superior private label applicant tracking system, along with the friendliness, flexibility and support from a top tier team of applicant tracking experts.


“The constant development of new and exciting features, the seamless integration with our HRIS system, and the fast responses by the HiringThing team make this a fantastic product and vendor.”

Add Top-Line Revenue

We’ve run the numbers. Are you ready to improve your bottom line while solving your clients’ hiring challenges?

Uplevel Your System

Your HR platform is providing an essential service to your clients, but are you looking to strengthen your solution?

Recruiting Integrations

The majority of your customers are looking to expand or consolidate their tech stack. Are you able to fill the gap?


Need a solution for a PEO or ASO?

Amplify your offering by adding applicant tracking under your service umbrella.


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