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Brandable, customizable white label applicant tracking system

HiringThing is the only white label ATS to go beyond branding

Our white label applicant tracking system (ATS) enables businesses to grow revenue, expand market share, increase customer retention and make their existing product suites more competitive. HR technology and service providers leverage our platform to generate top-line revenue by offering our recruiting software as their proprietary solution.

Welcome to Private Label

HiringThing’s private label technology is a premier white label experience that goes a step further than white label ATS to deliver:

  • Best-in-Class Software: Simplify hiring for your clients’ with our intuitive, feature-rich recruiting platform.
  • Branding & Customizations: Design your solution to meet your clients’ recruiting needs.
  • Simple Development: Access resources and our Open API to integrate fast.
  • Fast Implementation: Launch in just weeks, confident in selling ATS to your end-users.
  • 360° Partner Support: Feel supported by a team of experts committed to your success.
  • Safety & Security: Know your data is protected. Security is a consideration in everything we do.

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Next level white label applicant tracking system

Our private label applicant tracking system provides you the flexibility to go beyond white label branding with customizable technology that’s simple to use yet robust enough to handle the most complex recruitment workflows. It provides the infrastructure to scale as grow—it’s up to you whether you utilize just the white label branding or go further into private label customization.

Customizations are the most critical differentiator between private labeling and white labeling. White label applicant tracking systems are produced by a SaaS or PaaS company, outfitted with the white label customer’s branding, and sold to their clients as a proprietary solution.

Private labeling takes it a step further. Private labeling allows companies to brand an applicant tracking system as their own or work with the private label developer to customize the platform to fit their organization’s specific needs—bespoke workflows, add-ons, and functionalities can be customized to fit the needs of any organization that partners with the private label provider.

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