Who wears the pants?

Actually, we have no idea. HiringThing is a 100% remote company, and we’ve crafted our own special work environment.
We believe in Hiring Happiness® not just for our customers, but for ourselves too.

There's a reason these companies are fully remote.

We’re not the only company who are experiencing the amazing benefits of a team supercharged by motivation that comes with being part of a fully remote team. Zapier, Slack, InVision, Basecamp and GitLab are a few more you may have heard of.

At HiringThing, our key values, work style, team, and approach have evolved over time, and we love the place we’ve reached. If you’re considering joining our team, please enjoy this treatise on remote work, where you’ll gain insight into what makes us tick.

Is a 6’ x 6’ cubicle the best work space for everyone? We all like different vibes — plants, public spaces, lighting, pets, etc. The freedom to design just the right spaces frees us to produce better work.

At HiringThing, we have no idea who starts work in the morning without brushing their teeth while wearing stained sweatpants and looking a little hungover, and we don’t care. We rate our employees based on results — what they’ve done for the company, not who stays online until after the boss has logged out for the day.

When you don’t need to focus on working with the person you sit next to, you can look for the right people for the task at hand — whatever the task. Small, quickly formed teams can more effectively gather the right resources and get stuff done.

Are you a morning person? Evening person? We allow our employees scheduling freedom. We simply ask that they contribute at a high level for their roles and meet their obligations to their co-workers. When we are free from distractions and can really get into the zone, we reach our highest productivity. That’s when the magic happens.

Being completely remote allows us to hire great people from all different regions, cultures, and backgrounds — not just whoever happens to live within commuting distance of our office. Studies show that diverse teams outperform. Ours certainly does.

We are a high-performance team because we are remote, not despite it. Our unique remote culture focuses on managing 100% to metrics, setting goals for ourselves using these metrics, and objectively measuring our co-workers’ and company’s progress. This killer combination sweeps away the fluff and allows us to achieve our goals with laser-like focus.

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