Hiring Frenzy? Learn How to Scale Your Process Quickly

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Despite some recent corporate downsizing due to COVID-19, especially in hospitality and retail, there are certain industries that are not only hiring, but hiring in large quantities. Grocery stores, pharmacies, teleworking software, and tech support roles are rapidly expanding. If you’re in an industry that needs to scale up its recruiting process quickly and efficiently, where should you start?

Utilize automation

A robust applicant tracking system (ATS) is the only way to seriously give your hiring process a boost. Automated options can streamline and speed up your recruitment in a few vital ways while protecting your business.

  • Easy setup: Don’t waste time getting ready to hire – start receiving applications quickly. Use a streamlined job requisition workflow to open, approve, and post job requisitions in less time. Then, use job description templates to generate job postings. Copy those existing templates and tweak them if you’re hiring for multiple similar positions. Post open jobs on a variety of top free and paid job sites, all with the click of a button. Convenient integrations with social media platforms let your followers and employees share jobs with their own networks, ensuring that your jobs will have excellent visibility and reach. The key here is to act swiftly and reduce your time to hire, as an understaffed business risks low employee morale, increased turnover, low worker productivity, and loss of opportunities.
  • Fast screening process: To hire a lot of employees in a hurry, you need to understand their qualifications quickly. Pre-screening questions included in your application form collect basic requirements, qualifications, skills, and any other information you need to know in order for candidates to progress to the next step of your process. Candidates who don’t meet basic requirements can automatically be disqualified from the process and sent an automated “thanks but no thanks” email, so you don’t have to waste time on those who don’t pass muster. Candidates who do meet requirements can be tagged, sorted, and rated easily, to support your search of top-notch applicants. If you want to search all candidates who have at least two years of warehouse experience, for example, you can quickly search through all candidates for a talent pool of those who have the years of experience you are seeking. Thanks to a quick screening process, you can get through a large number of applicants and prioritize the candidates who should proceed.
  • Structure your interview process: To ensure you’re assessing all candidates in the same way, structure your interviews so you’re not only asking similar questions, but you’re asking them in a way that reduces potential biases. Once you’ve conducted interviews, you can assess the answers and calibrate candidates against each other, which helps to whittle down your list of top choices. You will likely want to conduct virtual interviews so consider ways to make the process easier on both hiring managers and candidates. You may want to start the interview process by sending a list of questions to candidates and requesting that they record themselves answering the questions. Videos, which can be shared with top stakeholders and viewed whenever convenient, are a good way to start learning about candidates without having to invest in one-on-one interviews. Once key candidates are identified, schedule virtual one-on-one or team interviews to “meet” your applicants. Calendar integrations show team availability and automatically send out interview questions to prepare all interviewers without adding another meeting to your day.
  • Bulk onboarding: Onboarding can be a time-consuming process, especially when working with a large group of new hires. Bulk onboarding is the perfect solution to this frustrating process. Generate offer letters that contain custom information, such as job title and salary, and streamline the approval process. Offer letters can highlight specific policies, if desired, or be modified for certain candidates. Along with offer letters, send pre-configured documents, like direct deposit forms and W-4s, or customize your own. All documents can be digitally signed and automatically saved in the candidate’s file, so the process is simple and organized. Candidates can sign all documents at once and have access to information like company handbooks, so they’ll be prepared to hit the ground running on their first day. The goal here is to reduce your administrative time by prepopulating documents, scaling your onboarding process, and ensuring all the proper information is shared with your new hires.
  • Automated background checks: Protect your rapidly growing business with comprehensive background checks that reduce the odds of hiring risky new employees. Bad hires waste time, money, and can threaten the safety of your workplace. The consequences of signing on numerous bad hires multiply exponentially. Additionally, the importance of staying in compliance with state and federal laws only increases as your staff increases. As your business grows, there may be more regulations that you need to adhere to. An ATS with integrated background checks reduces the guesswork and hands-on management that would otherwise be required to hire in a compliant manner. Get what you need to succeed: vetted, trustworthy new hires in less time.

Find Hiring Happiness™

Now, more than ever, efficiently scaling up hiring is a daunting task and we’re here to help you. With HiringThing’s easy-to-use yet powerful ATS, you’ll have the confidence you need to scale up quickly. Want to see how we can help you? Try our free 14-day trial today.

Author: Alisiana Peters

Alisiana is a senior marketing coordinator at HiringThing, an award-winning online recruiting software provider dedicated to changing the way businesses hire talent. Questions? Contact HiringThing Marketing.

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