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4 Tips for Building Culture in a Fully Remote Team

It’s no secret that remote work is continually on the rise, and the idea of working in a traditional office is becoming passé. However, as remote work gains popularity, many managers and company leaders find themselves struggling with how to maintain and cultivate workplace culture when team members are scattered … Continue reading

posted on 20 Aug 2018

Unlimited Paid Time Off: The Good, the Bad, and the Maybe

Unlimited vacation policies are all the rave in the HR world, and why not? The idea of taking time off at will is very attractive to both employees and employers. Employees can take necessary vacation days, and employers can have confidence that employee morale is high. It’s a win–win, right? … Continue reading

posted on 08 Aug 2018

5 Ways to Promote a Healthy Work Environment

When your employees are ill, this can reduce your company’s productivity and put you in a bind. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, unhealthy employees cost the United States more than $225.8 billion each year. However, being sick is normal and is something every employee will encounter. … Continue reading

posted on 06 Aug 2018

4 Hiring Mistakes That Will Cost You Big

As a hiring manager or recruiter, at times you think you’ve found the perfect candidate, only to discover you were wrong. Unfortunately, bad hires are more than just a slap on the wrist; they can cost your company tens of thousands of dollars. A survey by CareerBuilder put the cost … Continue reading

posted on 25 Jul 2018

5 Tips for Recruiting Big Talent to Small Towns

Many top candidates look for job opportunities in bigger cities. If your company is located in a small town, you may feel your candidate pool is limited because you have little to offer. However, with the right strategies and effort, you can change that. Let’s discuss a few ways to … Continue reading

posted on 24 Jul 2018

Social Media Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Hiring

Social media is one of the easiest and most successful options for reaching and attracting potential candidates. However, used incorrectly, it can also hurt your chances of finding and hiring the ideal candidate. Here are several social media mistakes to avoid if you want to recruit only the best: 1. … Continue reading

posted on 13 Jun 2018

How to Bring Hiring Happiness to Reference Checks

References can help you decide between top candidates. They can give you a closer look at an individual’s work ethic, talents, skills, and personality. They can help you find top leaders — those who will expand your company and excel within your organization. However, to gain valuable information from your … Continue reading

posted on 08 Jun 2018