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5 Ways Customized Hiring Software Can Save Your Clients Time and Money

An applicant tracking system (ATS) can drastically reduce the time it takes to fill positions by connecting you to qualified candidates more quickly. In today’s.

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In the current market, it’s becoming harder than ever to source top talent. As a result, organizations are pressured to think of new and exciting.

HR Technology Industry Insights Report

We’re excited to present our first HR Technology Industry Insights Report. In this report you will find information that looks at the HR technology market.

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4 Ways Remote Workers can Battle Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome — a term coined by clinical psychologists in the late 1970s — is a psychological pattern of behavior in which an individual doubts.

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How HR Tech Companies Benefit from White Label Applicant Tracking Systems

What is white labeling? White labeling is a contractual relationship with a vendor that allows you to place your brand colors and logo on the.

6 Steps on How to Source More Applicants Using Resume-Library!

We’re super excited to announce an alternative option for sourcing candidates with our brand new Resume-Library integration! Resume-Library is an award-winning hiring platform that provides.

The Best Online Job Boards to Search for Remote Employees

Thousands of online job boards and resources are available to help you search for the best remote candidates. To take it a step further, applicant.