A diverse group of HR solutions customers smile since an ATS made their lives easier.
Five Ways a Private Label ATS Empowers HR System Customers

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Integration Strengthens HR Company Offerings Today’s forward-thinking HR companies integrate an applicant tracking system (ATS) into their tech stack to stay.

Four colleagues gather around a conference room table to discuss business.
Five Reasons All HR Solutions Need a Private Label ATS

Today’s forward-thinking HR companies integrate a private label applicant tracking system (ATS) into their product to stay relevant and empower their clients to make great.

Three vertical SaaS professionals look over how much money they've saved since using an ATS.
Five Reasons Vertical SaaS Platforms Can Benefit From ATS Integration

In the past decade, the market size for vertical SaaS companies has tripled, and the number of vertical SaaS companies that went public has grown.

Two professionals at a vertical SaaS startup solves a work problem together.
Four Common Vertical SaaS Challenges and How to Overcome Them

It’s an excellent time to be a SaaS provider.  The SaaS market grows an average of 18% annually.  Gartner forecasts that end-user spending on SaaS.

Four staffing professionals discuss work issues.
Ten Ways Staffing Firms Can Benefit From a Private Label ATS

We’re in a Staffing Crisis As 2021 starts coming to a close and we prepare for 2022, we know the staffing shortage we’re currently experiencing.

An HR professional smiles since her organization's ATS is helping increase applicant traffic.
The New Rules of Recruiting: You Need an ATS to Increase Applicant Traffic

Recruiting is the top workplace challenge of 2021. Businesses are struggling to find and retain job applicants. Business leaders intent on solving this problem know.

On-demand video interview
Speed Up Your Hiring with On-Demand Video Interviews

We’re quickly approaching the end of 2021—another extraordinary year. If you’re trying to fill open positions in your organization, you may be struggling. Labor participation.

HiringThing named APPEALIE Award Winner
HiringThing Named a Winner in the APPEALIE Awards

We’re honored to have been named a winner in the 2021 SaaS APPEALIE Awards program! The APPEALIE Awards celebrate innovative SaaS applications that excite, delight, and.

A man in a wheelchair works remotely from his apartment.
The New Rules of Recruiting: Offer Remote Work

Today’s Job Candidates Want to Work Remotely A Gallup poll found 70% of participants worked remotely at least one day a week during Covid-19 office.

A staffing agency professional works from her home.
10 Common Staffing Agency Challenges and How to Solve Them

Hiring trends and challenges evolve alongside quickly changing economic and social conditions. It’s a lot to keep up with, especially for staffing agency professionals tasked.