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Social Media Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Hiring

Social media is one of the easiest and most successful options for reaching and attracting potential candidates. However, used incorrectly, it can also hurt your chances of finding and hiring the ideal candidate. Here are several social media mistakes to avoid if you want to recruit only the best: 1. … Continue reading

posted on 13 Jun 2018

How to Bring Hiring Happiness to Reference Checks

References can help you decide between top candidates. They can give you a closer look at an individual’s work ethic, talents, skills, and personality. They can help you find top leaders — those who will expand your company and excel within your organization. However, to gain valuable information from your … Continue reading

posted on 08 Jun 2018

Job Experience vs. Talent: Who Do You Choose?

As a hiring manager, your responsibility is to find the best candidate for a certain job position, but this may not be the applicant with an impressive resume who aces an interview. Among the many great candidates you may find, how do you choose between experience and talent for a … Continue reading

posted on 06 Jun 2018

4 Ways to Hire Millennials for Mundane Jobs and Prevent Turnover

One-third of all working-age people are millennials, so it seems like an easy task to entice them to fill jobs — even the mundane ones. Unfortunately, this is becoming a large challenge for many companies, and retaining millennials is proving even more difficult. According to a survey by Deloitte, 84% … Continue reading

posted on 30 May 2018

Why Internal Recruiting Isn’t Always the Best

In the search for ideal candidates, you look for specific qualities: perhaps experience, strong communication, or the ability to be a team player. Current employees are often at the top of the candidate list for new job openings. But is hiring internally always best? Let’s explore the unique benefits of … Continue reading

posted on 23 May 2018

Recruiting for Alternative Roles

The standard Monday-through-Friday, 9-to-5 office job is quickly changing. Today, instead of seeking traditional, full-time jobs, many employees are turning to contingent jobs. These jobs vary drastically from one company to another and even between various individuals. Let’s explore how these positions affect the workforce and recruiting, as well as … Continue reading

posted on 14 May 2018

3 Sales Techniques to Help Sharpen Your Recruiting Skills

Every business recognizes that many facets of recruiting are involved in attracting the right candidates. However, many overlook the connection between recruitment and sales, lead generation, and marketing. This connection is more vital to your company’s health than you think. Here are three core sales techniques that will make the … Continue reading

posted on 09 May 2018

The Value of Generational Differences in the Workplace

When it comes to finding ideal candidates, there are many straight-forward aspects to consider, such as a candidates’ qualifications, schooling, recommendations, and so on. One aspect that is not so straight-forward is age. Organizations need to be extremely careful when considering a candidate’s age as a factor in the hiring … Continue reading

posted on 30 Apr 2018