Scaring Ideal Candidates

You’re Scaring Ideal Candidates Away

As a hiring manager, you want to attract the top candidates. You want to build an unstoppable, expanding team that will take your business to the next level. On average, you only have 49.7 seconds to impress candidates with a job posting and help them determine if the job is a good fit. Your job description must stand out, be engaging, and make candidates want to apply immediately. However, it must also be informative and specific. Here are 4 mistakes you may be making that are turning away the perfect candidates:

1. You Don’t Accurately Describe the Hiring Audience

Most candidates know that any given job posting may receive dozens of applications and resumes. Applicants who truly want your job will do everything possible to stick out from the crowd and appeal to the decision makers. Don’t leave your candidates discouraged, thinking they are just another paper in the stack of submissions. Instead, provide general contact information about the hiring manager and decision makers, so it gives candidates an easy way to follow up or make personal introductions.

2. You Use Language Specific to Your Company

It’s important to list certain specifications and qualifications that you’re seeking, but you must be sure to present this information in a way that is clear and universally understood. Instead of using company lingo to describe certain software, processes, or even job titles, use language that most candidates are familiar with. Your jobs may not appear in a job seeker’s search results if your job title isn’t standardized. If candidates are confused about the job posting description, they will be less likely to apply.

3. You Avoid Talking About Perks, Pay, and Benefits

If you truly want the best candidates, give them reasons to apply. List some of the perks and benefits of working for your company. Also, mention the salary that candidates can expect to receive. You don’t have to determine a specific salary, but explain the pay range you are willing to consider and whether it is based on experience, is negotiable, or is a set figure.

4. You Write a Boring Job Posting

As a hiring manager, you have the power to be creative. Don’t simply list dozens of specifications and qualifications. Instead, have fun and create job descriptions that excite people and make them want to work for your company. However, be careful to find a balance; if your descriptions are silly and ridiculous, jobseekers may not take you seriously.

Bonus Mistake to Avoid: You Never Respond

Once you have received an application, respond to the candidate. Let the applicant know you received the resume and tell him or her when the next step of the hiring process will be determined. When using an applicant tracking system such as HiringThing, email templates can save you the headache of receiving dozens of emails asking for an update.

To hire the best, you must attract the best. Take the time to complete and rework your job postings until they’re perfect. By avoiding a few common mistakes, you will be more likely to attract candidates instead of scaring them away.

Author: Alisiana Peters

Alisiana is a senior marketing coordinator at HiringThing, an award-winning online recruiting software provider dedicated to changing the way businesses hire talent. Questions? Contact HiringThing Marketing.