Writing a Job Posting to Attract the Right Fit

Thanks to the Internet era, job seekers don’t use local newspapers but online resources to get hired. Over 200 million people search Google for job postings, and it becomes a huge challenge for recruiters to stand out from the crowd and hunt right fits for employers.

Why should you care?

  • The largest group of candidates looking for a job are Millennials. 34% of the U.S. workforce today, they will have occupied 75% of the workplace by 2025. And the worldview peculiarities of Generation Y allow us to assume they would hardly swallow a bait such as average job posting texts published online.
  • With an average $4,000 and 52 days that companies spend to fill an open position, it seems that recruiters need new approaches to job postings to deal with these gaps.

Your task is to write and promote job postings in a way candidates could see them displaying on Google search (consider SEO) and understand it’s a perfect fit to apply (consider power words and new formats).

1) Keywords

No one asks you to become a guru of search engine optimization, but inserting a bit of SEO into job postings could influence the results of your recruiting process positively.

That’s not about titles, descriptions, or meta tags, but keywords to write in job postings for candidates to find your offer and understand it’s exactly what they are looking for. Plus, right keywords will tell search engines that your text is relevant to job seekers.

Rules to remember:

  • Don’t overuse keywords for your job posting to not look and sound like spam.
  • Create a well-written text to evaluate what and how many keywords you can use there. The main keywords to use are a job position title and a city in which you are hiring.

2) Power writing

Be sure to use power words in job postings to hook candidates. Also, don’t forget to proofread and edit your text: no power words can save it if it’s full of spelling and grammar mistakes.

The essential language patterns for job postings include:

  • A job title (Name of position + up to three words that would make it attractive to applicants.)
  • Introduction (One paragraph with up to five most exciting details about the job.)
  • Company (Name, years on the market, interesting projects, awards, and work culture facts that might be interesting to applicants.)
  • Requirements (Try limiting to three things, tell about work hours, pay, education opportunities, etc. But be brief.)
  • Location
  • Reasons why they should apply (Add up to six for applicants to understand why it’s a perfect fit for them.) 

Not sure what words to use in job postings? Check job post templates at Upwork, get writing help at Bid4Papers, or use Hemingway App for editing to assist you.

3) Proper formatting

Your job posting should be appealing to a candidate’s eye, so format it accordingly. Short paragraphs and sentences, active verbs, strong information scent, bullet lists, subheadings, bolded words, and visuals – these format elements add a surplus value to job postings, making them more attractive to seekers.

Also, consider the readability of your text. Use human language in job postings for them to sound clear, and avoid cliches to stand out from the crowd.

4) Diverse formats

Most people are visually-oriented, and search engines show more visuals in the top. To be among that top, consider posting your job ads in formats other than texts.

  1. Film a job posting video. Video represents the most shared media today, accounting for 62% of all online searches. Сonsider filming a job ad to boost views and shares and, therefore, attract more candidates. Resources such as Animoto, Magisto, or Videoshop will help.
  2. Create an infographic. Consider Canva or Venngage to turn texty job postings into compelling infographics. They attract more candidates, increasing your chances to recruit a perfect fit.

5) Social media

Share job postings on social media where your ideal candidates spend time. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or thematic communities are great places to hunt: tweet a link to your job posting text, add hashtags of keywords, share a video on Facebook for candidates to see it in news feeds…

The more people share your posts, the more visible it becomes to networks of potential candidates.

Author: Alisiana Peters

Alisiana is a senior marketing coordinator at HiringThing, an award-winning online recruiting software provider dedicated to changing the way businesses hire talent. Questions? Contact HiringThing Marketing.