Why Your Company Needs A Careers Page

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How do potential applicants find your open positions? Are they presented with appealing information and convenient mobile-friendly applications? If not, consider utilizing a careers page and integrate it with an applicant tracking system (ATS) for a seamless process. Attract the right talent and enhance your company brand, while making it easy for applicants to apply for positions.

Benefits of a careers page

Why use a careers page instead of simply listing open positions on job boards? While the latter might get you applicants, you’re missing a major part of your recruitment strategy. Think of a careers page as the glue that holds together all the other pieces of your recruitment. A careers page should be the go-to for showcasing your company values, culture, and employees, while making the application process easy.

  • Emphasize branding: A careers page is the perfect place to tell your company story. It describes your company, how your employees work together, and what you’re looking for in new hires. List benefits and perks to working at your company, and clearly outline your mission and vision. You might also outline the steps of your hiring process to better set expectations for applicants. By conveying who you are and how you work, you’ll excite visitors and encourage more candidates to apply.
  • Mobile friendly: To boost applications, you want an easy way for job seekers to view and apply for jobs on mobile devices. According to Glassdoor surveys, 58 percent of respondents look for jobs on their phones and 35 percent want to apply for jobs on their phones. Give applicants what they want and ensure your process is quick and easy on a mobile device.
  • Improve SEO: If visitors find an application on a job board but want to learn more about you, a link directs them back to your careers page. Or, maybe they find you organically since your careers page will include important SEO (search engine optimization) elements, like branded and non-branded keywords. By clearly defining and explaining your open positions, more users will be able to find the positions you’re currently seeking to staff.
  • Increased visibility: With all your open jobs listed on one page, visitors can not only see all positions but they can sort by filters such as title or location. This is a great way to enhance visibility since visitors might find a job they didn’t know they were looking for. Plus, it encourages the sharing of positions through social media networks.

Why integrate a careers page with an ATS?

An ATS provides you with an easy way to create a branded careers page without the hassle of coding one yourself. If your company doesn’t have the web expertise or capacity to build and maintain a careers page, then an ATS integration is a great option. New job requisitions can easily be pushed automatically from the ATS to a careers page, keeping it constantly updated. HiringThing accomplishes this through API or a convenient jobs widget that automatically populates your careers page with new job requisitions created within the application. Plus, job seekers can apply without experiencing any friction. They move seamlessly from your careers page to your application, with fewer clicks and no confusing changes in look or feel.

More importantly, information from the application is fed back into your ATS so you don’t lose applicant data and you’re not required to perform any manual tasks. You can easily tag, rate, and sort applicants. If your application contains pre-screening questions, you can apply automatic workflows that apply custom tags (or send out “thanks but no thanks” emails) for easy filtering.

Why try HiringThing’s new careers page?

We’re pleased to announce that we have a sleek new design on our careers page. Applicants will love the modern look and mobile responsiveness and hiring managers will appreciate its ADA and GDPR compliance. New design options let account users choose custom colors to match their organization’s unique look and feel. This upgrade is available to our users at no additional cost.

If you’re interested in having a custom careers page built for your organization, check out our Professional Services.

Author: Alisiana Peters

Alisiana is a senior marketing coordinator at HiringThing, an award-winning online recruiting software provider dedicated to changing the way businesses hire talent. Questions? Contact HiringThing Marketing.

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