Why Associations Should Offer Member Benefits

Why Associations Should Offer Member Benefits

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If you’re looking to expand your association’s member benefits, consider offering a powerful yet easy-to-use recruiting tool that also generates an additional revenue stream. HiringThing is pleased to provide our online recruiting and applicant tracking system (ATS) to your association as an exclusive benefit.

Members first

Your members are your greatest priority. Providing valuable benefits is the best way to ensure your association continues to grow and thrive. Member growth and retention are two of the most common challenges that associations face. While changing professions or company budgets might cause a dip in memberships, members often cite a lack of perceived value as a main reason for their failure to renew. Don’t fall prey to member churn and make sure your value proposition resonates with your members.

Importance of technology

Marketing General’s 2019 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report found that the majority of associations are seeing flat growth or no growth. However, associations that considered themselves innovative reported membership growth. A smart, strategic angle for attracting and retaining members is to leverage technology. By providing a tool that offers real value and solves ongoing problems, you’ll position your association as a trusted and beneficial advocate.

How will an ATS help your members?

An ATS will help your members post jobs online, manage applicants, and hire the most qualified employees. In today’s tight labor market, recruiting is challenging in many industries and sectors. Here are just some of the incredible capabilities of an ATS that can ease the struggles of hiring:

  • Source applicants: If your members are struggling to fill positions or are experiencing high turnover, an ATS will help them find the best applicants with such features as talent sourcing, pre-employment testing, and integrated background and reference checks.
  • Automation: For members who are wading through stacks of resumes or losing track of applicants, automation is a great tool. Help them streamline communication and scheduling, create forms that get the information they need, and simplify the onboarding process.
  • Customization: Make sure your members’ needs are fully met during every step of the hiring process with convenient integrations, flexible workflows, and custom branding options.

What’s in it for your association?

When you offer HiringThing’s recruiting solution to your members, everyone will benefit! At little or no cost to your association, you can generate new, non-dues revenue while providing valuable hiring features that will save your members time and money.

  • Online job posting for members: Your members will have access to flexible job plan options, no matter their size.
  • Revenue share: Increase your funds with a new source of revenue.
  • Expanded member benefits: Powerful recruiting software will be a great addition to your member benefits.
  • Custom branding: Fully customizable solutions can meet any needs.
  • Quick go-to-market: Your members will be up and running with their new hiring solution in a matter of days.
  • Unparalleled Support Beyond Compare™: Our top-notch support team will ensure that your members navigate our tools with ease.

By providing a proven, trusted solution that makes your members’ hiring easier, your association will keep current members happy, achieve membership growth, and add a new revenue stream. Learn more about our hiring solutions for associations.

Author: Ashley Ellingson

Ashley Ellingson is a marketing content writer at HiringThing, an award-winning online recruiting software provider dedicated to changing the way businesses hire talent. Questions? Contact HiringThing Marketing.

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