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Uplevel Your System with an Open Recruiting Platform

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Your HR platform is providing an essential service to your clients, but are you looking to strengthen your solution? If you’re a PEO, HCIS, HCS, ASO, or other HR system without an applicant tracking system (or an outdated one), private label recruiting software can help it materialize almost out of thin air. Rather than reinvent the wheel, look to open recruiting platform (aka PaaS) to level up your system.

Adding an applicant tracking system (ATS) to your current solution will help your sales soar by offering additional functionality to your current users, as well as improve your current offering to prospective clients. Even if you have an ATS solution, you may be missing modern features like SMS messaging, QR codes, text-to-apply, and job board integrations. An open recruiting platform  enables you to:

  • Complete your solution without developing it yourself, saving time and heavy engineering costs
  • Build a full integration with an open API and developer-friendly documentation
  • Ensure a seamless experience for your clients with SSO
  • Customize your ATS to match your brand
  • Tailor workflows to your platform’s specifications
  • Modernize with a feature-rich solution
  • Multiply innovation and product enhancements

U.S. employers expect recruiting and hiring to be their biggest challenge in 2021, according to XpertHR. You can’t afford to leave your clients high and dry without a defense to fight back against outdated hiring tools and poor practices.

At HiringThing, we offer the private label hiring software that you can seamlessly integrate into your solution. Take advantage of our open API, developer-friendly documentation, and amazing client success team to develop your solution fast. Integrate in a matter of days, on your own timeline, and watch your sales potential expand. Plus, our flexible and affordable pricing allows you to set your own pricing models, enabling you to generate revenue quickly. Get started on boosting your solution and turning your clients into hiring heroes.

HiringThing is the open recruiting software your clients will love. Unlock the power of ATS Anywhere™ and expand your solution with HiringThing’s award-winning ATS. Schedule a product demo today.

Author: Joanna Hartvickson

Joanna Hartvickson is the director of marketing at HiringThing, an award-winning online recruiting software provider dedicated to changing the way businesses hire talent. Questions? Contact HiringThing Marketing.

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