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The New Rules of Recruiting: Offer Remote Work

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Today’s Job Candidates Want to Work Remotely

A Gallup poll found 70% of participants worked remotely at least one day a week during Covid-19 office shutdowns. While many employers have started asking employees to return to the office, 65% of employees say they’d like to continue working remotely. We talked about this in our post about what today’s job candidates want (LINK). Today’s employees crave the flexibility working-from-anywhere can provide. 

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It’s Time to Embrace Work-From-Anywhere (if you can)

While it’s not an option for every line of work, offering a remote/hybrid opportunity is something today’s job seekers want. Embracing a Work-From-Anywhere hiring policy will not only increase your applicant traffic but strengthen the quality of your applicants by: 

  • Widening Your Candidate Pool: Going to a remote working environment opens up the pool of candidates that can potentially apply to your organization. Geography is no longer the limit. Instead of the typical 25-ish mile radius, your applicant pool will expand to the entire country. 
  • Diversifying Your Workforce: Today’s applicants want a company that prioritizes diversity. Opening up your candidate pool to the entire country versus your geographic locale increases the backgrounds of the candidates you’ve been able to hire and can go a long way in diversifying your organization. 
  • Make You More Appealing: Job candidates overwhelmingly want positions with remote options. They’re quitting jobs that don’t offer remote opportunities. What better way to increase your applicant traffic and become more competitive? 

Transitioning to remote work isn’t something every company can do right away (although plenty were able to during Covid-19 closures). While it’s easier than you might think, we’d still recommend checking out some guides for how to transition to remote work from remote-work pioneers like FlexJobs.

We know that not everyone involved in the recruiting and hiring process can change company work policies—but HiringThing still has you covered! Check out our “How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Work Remotely” blog if you need to convince your boss or executive team to transition your company to a work-from-anywhere workplace. 

The Hiring Happiness experts at HiringThing have been remote work advocates and experts way before it was cool (or the norm). For more information about how to build an incredible work-from-anywhere culture, check out our HiringThing Remote Work Hub. 

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Author: Pat Brothwell

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