Writing Resources for the Successful HR Manager

In a modern business that is run by professionals, the HR manager is of extreme importance. The HR manager is the person who runs the team that powers the business. The HR department adds people to the team, and just one poor choice can bring down the entire company if left unchecked. The HR department is also responsible for employee administration, which is now even more important because of the overly litigious culture that has been running rife since the late 90s.

Advantages And Difficulties Of Being An HR Manager

One of the greatest advantages is that as a HR manager, you are able to use your instincts and gut feelings. Plus, the better your instincts are, then the better you become at your job. Having an instinct and gut feeling about the people you meet is not something you can learn in a class, which essentially means there is no limit to what anybody can achieve if they hone their skill.

One of the biggest disadvantages is that a business owner has the 100% right to fire you in disgrace if you allow poor quality employees to enter the business and mess up working teams, scare away good employees, and waste business money. As a HR manager, you are the gatekeeper who lets in the heroes while keeping out the trolls.

A Few Tips For HR Managers

Take as much time as you need to pick the right people and make sure your staff do more than just two due-diligence checks. Do not rely too heavily on references either because they can be misleading. Here are a few more tips:

[+] Use your instincts and turn people away if something feels wrong

[+] Remember at all times that some people interview very well

[+] Is the employee an expert at skipping from one job to another?

[+] Take longer than you need and never rush the addition of a staff member

[+] Good employees may lie sometimes

[+] Make sure your teams know how important their job is

Can Writing Be Useful For A HR Manager?

The first way it can be useful is when communicating with your own staff. Poor communication, especially over email and online chat, is going to cause big problems and misunderstandings at a later date. A HR manager may also need to create academic texts and journal entries, for which some people use Australian Writings and other writing companies.

A HR manager may also need to clearly communicate rules to new and current employees. This is especially true if the rules count as major violations for which an employee may be fired. If the HR manager has not made the rule obvious and clear, then the sacked employee may take the company to a tribunal and win a settlement.

The Blue Book Of Grammar

Use it as a passive reading resource that you use when you have nothing else to do because you are waiting for a meeting or you are on a break. Unlike other resources of this nature, it is not a bad read, and it teaches you things you have probably forgotten since college.

Purdue Grammar

This resource is for getting down to the nitty gritty for spelling and grammar. It is highly technical and very well researched. It is heavy going, but it takes each concept in easy-to-follow steps.

Common English Errors

The Common English Errors website contains a massive collection of very Common English Errors. Even if you do not read the resource, you should take a look at it just to see how many common English errors we all make.

Dr Grammar’s Commonly Asked Questions

It is a very similar website to the Common English Errors website except that it offers answers to different types of questions and only has a fraction of the errors listed on the Common English Errors website. For example, this resource explains what mirroring is, what parallelism is, what an annotated bibliography is, and so forth.


The profession of HR manager is very popular now. However, in order to be successful in this sphere, you need to be creative and have certain skills, such as writing skills, analytical skills, accuracy, and the gut instinct ability to be able to tell a hard worker from a bad egg.

Alisiana Peters

Author: Alisiana Peters

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