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As a franchisor, you entrust your business to a multitude of partners. Each one of your franchisees is responsible for contributing to growth and adhering to your standards, including how they recruit and hire employees. To draw in excellent candidates, it’s important to be seen as a desirable employer to the talent pool.

Since candidates are evaluating your company as much as you’ll be evaluating them, every touchpoint should be a representation of your brand and demonstrate what a great employer you really are.

One way to safeguard your employer brand across locations is to leverage a single recruitment solution. A customizable applicant tracking software (ATS) provides franchise owners with a powerful hiring tool that doesn’t require them to be a brand expert.

Franchisor Tip: Ensure the ATS offers a franchise rollout package that addresses joint liability.  

Recommending a private label franchise hiring software to your franchisees is just the ticket to create a uniform brand and candidate experience. It also allows the corporate office oversight over the brand without the fear of joint liability.


A customized applicant tracking software gives you full control over your branding. Utilizing a franchise-wide, branded recruitment software allows your brand to shine, attracting top quality talent interested in working for your organization.

  • Visual representation: recognizable logo, color palette, and graphic elements showcase your style
  • Voice: tone and word choice demonstrates your franchise’s personality traits across your job descriptions, careers page, and messaging templates
  • Brand experience: from job listing to onboarding, smooth communication and expectation setting shows each candidate your franchise has it’s act together

Candidate experience

According to the Work Institute, 43% of employees quit in the first 90 days. This is a direct reflection of the recruitment and onboarding process for new hires. You can avoid this, and the high cost! Within your franchise recruiting software, you can streamline recruitment workflows by pre-screening candidates,  scheduling interviews, and even sending digital offer letters and onboarding documents. 

Hiring Manager Tip: Don’t forget the culture fit interview!

By creating a smooth and positive experience for each candidate and new hire, you’ll stand out as a desirable employer, attracting quality candidates and retaining them for much longer than your competitors.


Hiring across all franchise locations is simple and effective with a single platform to manage sourcing, screening, and hiring great employees. With a private-labeled applicant tracking system, you can effectively create a unified brand experience for all applicants across your franchise network. 

HiringThing’s franchise rollout packages will protect your business from joint liability laws. Safeguard your business and employer brand to ensure your franchisees find success in hiring the best talent for their business.

Not convinced? Read 5 Reasons to Recommend a Franchise Applicant Tracking System to Your Franchisees to learn more how our franchise hiring solutions can help your franchisees hire great talent.


Schedule a demo to see for yourself how HiringThing’s recruitment solution can help you and your franchisees create a consistent applicant experience and hire well.

Author: Joanna Hartvickson

Joanna Hartvickson is the director of marketing at HiringThing, an award-winning online recruiting software provider dedicated to changing the way businesses hire talent. Questions? Contact HiringThing Marketing.

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