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We’re quickly approaching the end of 2021another extraordinary year. If you’re trying to fill open positions in your organization, you may be struggling. Labor participation is at an all-time low, and businesses are finding it hard to attract job candidates.

Experts forecast that this hiring struggle will linger into 2022. Recruitment cycles may differ across industries, but hiring is typically most aggressive in Q1 due to renewed budgets and new strategic initiatives. That means the talent competition that’s high now will get even more competitive. To hire the best and brightest, you must lean into the frenzy like how a competitive eater approaches Thanksgiving dinner. The winners will be the recruiters that leverage their HR technology to work faster and smarter.

Candidates Are Like the Last Slice of Pie

Nearly 18 months since the start of the pandemic, businesses have proven themselves sustainable or not. As the economy opened back up, demand for employees rose with it. However, millions of Americans have opted not to return to the workforce. This reticence to work results from many factors, from shifting family dynamics to unemployment payments to individuals reevaluating priorities. Whatever each individuals’ reasoning, as a whole, it’s indicative of a significant shift in workplace power. Employers always seemed to have the upper hand in the past, but now job seekers have the upper hand. Employers must put in just as much work to woo job candidates as they do new customers, providing them immediate attention and a positive candidate experience. 

With the stiff competition and emphasis on candidate experience, employers must embrace new ways of hiring. That’s where Wedge comes in. Wedge’s asynchronous video interviewing technology improves screening speed and quality while providing a quick and flexible interview experience to the candidate.

Transforming your interview process is as satisfying as snagging the last slice of pie.

Candidate experience has never been more critical when hiring, and video interviews make the process more convenient, flexible, and efficient for the candidates you’re trying to impress! 

Speaking of pie, we asked the Wedgers what pies they’ll be gobbling up this holiday season, and here’s what they said:

Amish PB Pie

Matt Baxter, CEO
Amish Baked Peanut Butter Pie

Peach Pie

Rob Kish, Chief Support Officer
Peach Pie

Sweet Potato Pie

Trevor Ploucha, VP of Business Development
Sweet Potato Pie

Cherry Rhubarb Pie

Sean Paulseth, VP of Sales & Partnerships
Cherry Rhubarb

The Benefits of Video Interviewing

In February 2020, less than 60% of companies used or planned to use video interviewing in their hiring process. By October of 2020? 89% of organizations were using video interviewing in their hiring processes. Now, part of that has to do with COVID-19 safety measures, but video interviews also have a wide range of benefits:

  • Job candidates want video interviewing: A study has confirmed that job candidates prefer video interviews over phone or in-person interviews. 
  • Video interviewing saves on travel costs: Interviewing via video allows candidates and recruiters to see and interact with each other in a way that saves both the time and money necessary to travel to a job interview. 
  • A video interview can reduce time-to-hire: Video interviewing allows recruiters and hiring managers to quickly schedule interviews with candidates without having to worry about travel arrangements, demanding schedules, or eating up valuable amounts of time in job seekers’ and hirers’ days. Video interviews allow hiring managers and recruiters to interview and compare more candidates faster than they would with in-person interviews. 
  • Employer branding, employer branding, employer branding: With today’s cutthroat job market, employer branding is crucial. Offering job candidates the opportunity to conduct a video interview showcases that your technology and hiring philosophies are future-focused, which will impress. 
  • One-way videos can help reduce bias in the hiring process. Since you’re able to preselect the questions asked, each candidate will go through the same process, without the sort of twists and turns a two-way conversation can foster. 

Synchronous videos have also shown to be beneficial as candidates move deeper into the interview process and make it easier to foster a team-oriented hiring culture: Did you know that when a team comes together to interview a candidate in a panel style versus individually, that interviewing accuracy improves 20-30%? Getting multiple busy individuals together could prove a scheduling nightmare. Still, video interviews make it that much easier for everyone to interview simultaneously without being in the same place. 

The Wedge Video Interview Advantage 

Don’t sit on your candidates, or you might lose out. With Wedge, you move faster on the candidates you love. At the click of a button, send your top candidates invites to complete a Wedge video interview without the hassle of scheduling time with a hiring manager. The candidate can complete the interview on their own and pass it back to you right away. With Wedge’s on-demand video interviews, you eliminate the need for phone screening, allowing you to hire motivated candidates 50% faster.

Schedule Wedge Video Interviews Directly in your ATS

The best part? Everything lives in your applicant tracking system for a seamless experience. We partnered with Wedge to ensure you can schedule and view your applicant interviews directly in the HiringThing software. Collaborating with the whole recruiting team is streamlined with the Wedge integration.

Save Time and Money with Wedge Video Interviews

Before you head off for a slice—no wedge—of pumpkin pie this holiday season, take advantage of a generous offer from our friends at Wedge. Save 15% on an annual subscription when you sign up by November 24, 2021. Get started today and say goodbye to phone screening forever.

About HiringThing 

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Author: Joanna Hartvickson

Joanna Hartvickson is the director of marketing at HiringThing, an award-winning online recruiting software provider dedicated to changing the way businesses hire talent. Questions? Contact HiringThing Marketing.

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