Secrets to Writing a Perfect Job Description

64% of job seekers won’t apply for your job if they don’t understand your job title or job description doesn’t make sense. Plus, having a job description that is too detailed can also drive applicants away. What’s the secret sauce to creating the perfect job description to attract the right applicants for your position?

Here are some helpful secrets of great job descriptions:

Grab their attention right away. Think about you ideal candidate and what would capture their attention. Your opening should entice the candidate to read more and capture them right away. Try to craft an alluring opening line by using targeted questions or statements like “Are you looking for that perfect job to express your creativity” or “Want to work for a company that truly understands and appreciates work—life balance?”

Keep it simple. The best practice should be to keep it simple when it comes to you job titles. Use strong and easy to understand keywords, focusing on industry—specific terms and limiting jargon. While it may seem cool and might even fit within your culture to refer to your software developers as software ninjas, resist the urge.

Keep it short & sweet. Provide 3—5 essential job responsibilities or competencies. List the minimum requirements for education and experience. Knowing the difference between required and preferred experience is important, and should be clearly differentiated. This will help limit the number of unqualified applicants you get and save you time during applicant review.

Add some personality. This is the first opportunity to introduce your job voice and personality to potential candidates, no one wants to work for a boring robot. Spice up your job description by adding a human voice, that gives the candidate a feel for organizations culture and if they’ll be a good fit.

Make the process easy. After you’ve captured the applicant’s attention, the last thing you want to do is lose them due to a complicated and cumbersome application process. Give clear and concise instruction on what is required to apply. This is where using an applicant tracking system comes in handy. An ATS like HiringThing helps to create an easy to use application process that reduces applicant abandonment by allowing you to create a seamless applicant process. The applicant can provide relevant personal information, answer screening question, and submit their resume on the same page without logging and completing lengthy multi—step profiles.

If you follow these easy tips you’ll be on your way to getting more qualified applicants and hiring your next great employee.

Let us know what you think about these tips and share any some of your best practices for job descriptions in the comments below.

Ashley Morgan

Ashley is the Online Marketing Manager at HiringThing, an online application provider dedicated to changing the way businesses hire talent. To learn more about HiringThing, visit

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