Sales Techniques to Sharpen Recruiting Skills

Sales Techniques to Sharpen Your Recruiting Skills

Every business recognizes that many facets of recruiting are involved in attracting the right candidates. However, many overlook the connection between recruitment and sales, lead generation, and marketing. This connection is more vital to your company’s health than you think. Here are three core sales techniques that will make the most of your recruitment strategy:

  1. Recruitment and Sales

Successful recruitment can be viewed as a “mutual sale” or partnership. As an employer, you want the specific skill set a candidate offers, and on the other end of the sale, the candidate is seeking the benefits and growth opportunities your company has to offer. Essential for any company, large or small, a successful partnership relies on clear communication and transparency from the outset.

For example, recruiters and hiring managers should communicate honestly with candidates about future growth plans and predictions. Things like expected growth and reliable corporate execution are exciting and enticing to job seekers. Whether through a professional online presence or an in-person discussion, helping candidates think about their growth potential is an excellent recruiting sales technique. To spot top performers, see if candidates connect with potential growth opportunities. Make the “sale.”

  1. Optimize Your Job Postings and Careers Page

How do you find the right candidate? CRM’s such as Salesforce is to sales, as an ATS platform is to recruiting. Using the correct tools can capture the attention of a diverse pool. If you’re not attracting the right candidates, your outreach skills may need a tune-up.

The types of specializations under the broad umbrella of marketing has grown to include search engine optimization (SEO), and social media to help broaden your online presence. Each is used for multiple purposes, but each serves the organization first.

To attract the right candidates, you should optimize your job postings for SEO. For example, HiringThing optimizes for Google Jobs. We also recommend following best practices for job postings (i.e. title, description, etc.) that can help optimize for SEO and increase your organic visibility on free job boards.

According to a study conducted by Potentialpark, 76% of U.S. job seekers prefer to find and apply for jobs through a company’s careers page. Since a high volume of applicants look to a company’s career page, it’s also important that you optimize your careers page for SEO. You can do this through a user-centric design, using strong keywords and more.

  1. Social Media

While social media involves Instagram memes and other distractions, don’t overlook it as a recruitment tool. Every company needs a professional online presence, clear contact information, and updates on available positions across appropriate social media channels. For example, qualified candidates may connect with your company on LinkedIn because it operates at an intersection for search engines, businesses, and employment opportunities. Candidates might also turn to your Twitter feed if you post regularly.

Social media allows you to easily share job opportunities while controlling your brand and message. It is often the avenue through which potential candidates discover a company. Numerous studies show that posting a job on social media can increase candidate applications. Top applicants will possess the right qualifications and a professional online presence to match. A cohesive and direct online presence across all platforms is necessary for successful recruiting. ATS platforms can also facilitate posting jobs to social media channels.

The Benefits of Sharpening Your Recruiting Techniques

According to LinkedIn’s 2017 Global Recruiting Trends Report, more than 70 percent of professionals consider themselves “passive” applicants — an incredibly large pool of untapped talent that recruiters are missing out on. By implementing the 3 sales outreach techniques outlined above, recruiters will see a noticeable difference in the quantity and quality of candidate applications. Sharpening each sales technique to fit your company can help ensure a smooth and productive recruitment process.

Author: Alisiana Peters

Alisiana is a senior marketing coordinator at HiringThing, an award-winning online recruiting software provider dedicated to changing the way businesses hire talent. Questions? Contact HiringThing Marketing.