Recruiting Tips for Franchise Owners


Maybe you are a new franchise owner, eagerly anticipating your first customers in your new store. Or maybe you are an experienced veteran, with a long history of successfully managing multiple outlets. Regardless of your experience level, I can guarantee that recruitment will be an issue that will need to be dealt with. The sooner you make this a priority, the better your franchise will operate.

Let’s face it, franchises suffer from an inordinate amount of churn in the workplace. Part of this can be explained by the fact that many franchises support entry level workers, employees that have other bigger priorities in their lives, or applicants that have recently moved into the community. Whatever the reason, it is incumbent on the franchise owner to create an effective recruiting strategy to combat this issue.

Here are a few tips from franchise owners that can help you create and foster an effective recruitment strategy, and improve workplace effectiveness:

  1. Fostering company culture – Create an environment that is respectful and supportive for the employees. Understand that many of your employees are new to the workplace, and need to be in an atmosphere that will encourage longevity.
  2. Utilizing Corporate Resources – Look for advice from headquarters about recruitment issues,, or seek advice from fellow franchisees about job boards that proved effective, or job descriptions that delivered a good applicant response. Franchisors are tied to your success, so use the available tools at your disposal.
  3. Set up a Employee Referral System – Find ways to incentivize referrals from existing employees. It doesn’t have to be overly extravagant. Look at gift cards, or maybe a drawing to win a new iPad, or smartphone for example. This can also help reduce turnover, because trusted employees who have friends to share the workplace with will be less inclined to leave.
  4. Recruit from competitors and similar businesses – If you know the compensation packages of your competition, and can offer a more attractive offering, look to pry those quality workers from your competition.
  5. Include automated recruitment tools into your process – Understanding the types of personalities and skills that make for an effective employee, and incorporating a system that can measure those traits will be an effective tool in your strategy. There are effective and affordable software programs that can help in areas like applicant screening questions, assessments, and ratings. These programs will help save you time and money in developing an effective recruiting process.
  6. On the job interviews – Pay a potential employee to spend a day on the job can pay big dividends in the long-term.
  7. Provide a realistic picture of company opportunities – Let a potential applicant know early and often the potential salary and growth possibilities at your location.
  8. Recognition – Offer incentives and award opportunities when benchmarks are being met, and let potential employees know of these offers.
  9. Reviews – Create an effective review and assessment plan. 30 day reviews for new employees, and 90 day reviews for existing employees should be adequate. Let them know what is expected in advance, and keep them encouraged to make improvements
  10. Social Media – In addition to referrals, franchise resources, and job boards, make sure to utilize your social media accounts to effectively advertise your employment opportunities..


Author: HiringThing

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