Reconsidering “Employee of the Quarter” Events

Employers usually reassess employees’ contribution after every three to four months, as this period is considered to be long enough to show employees’ true qualities. While companies with low employee retention (like fast food chains) award their employees on a monthly basis, businesses with a more stable workforce give out bonuses and awards every three or four months. Also, more often than not, companies organize special award ceremonies. The purpose of these events is to strengthen employees’ morale and improve their turnout.

Companies often share information and content about these award ceremonies online. If you Google the phrase quarter event, you will find dozens of announcements that often contain the list of incentives, the Employee of the Quarter will receive. These lists usually include:

  • Certificate
  • Employee of the Quarter plaque
  • Bonus check
  • Small present (pen, notebook, etc.)

Many employers are trying to make their quarter event gift packages more creative. This way, they are improving employees’ productivity and encouraging positive competition. In this article, we have listed some of the gifts that you can add to your quarter package to make it more creative and motivational.

Gift cards

Most Employees of the Quarter will use their bonuses for shopping, and that is why companies should spice up their gift packages with prepaid gift cards. These cards can be a very powerful business incentive. Most gift card companies, like Corporate Prepaid Gift cards, for example, offer both generic and personalized designs, so the card can later serve as a powerful reminder of employee’s accomplishments and company’s recognition.

Flexible work hours

Flexible work time is the best incentive companies can offer to employees. The best thing about this gift is that it doesn’t cost anything but can make employees more efficient. Since time is the most precious asset of every corporate employee, allowing them to decide how they will manage their work hours will make them feel more valued.

Wellness club membership

Many companies already provide their employees with gym memberships. Gym clubs often have different types of wellness programs. By buying these two services in a bundle, you’ll probably be eligible for a significant discount. Plus, there is no corporate employee who would refuse a free wellness. This type of gesture guarantees you that your key employees will have a place to relax at after a job well-done.

Family vacation vouchers

Not all companies can finance this type of incentive, but those that do are definitely among the most beloved employers on the market. Vacation vouchers for the best employees and their families are considered to be a very attractive reward that will improve productivity and competitive spirit. This way, employers also show that they care for their employees, their families and their overall well-being. This is very important for assembling a good and effective team because company’s social responsibility is one of the most critical factors for the top industry talents.

Travel time

Most companies allow Employees of the Quarter to skip their work, for a day or two. The extended vacation time that employees can use for longer travel journeys is a much more attractive incentive, especially if your employees are recent graduates. Long travel journeys help employees get a better perspective of the world and their career path. They will come back relaxed and with improved communicational and organizational skills.

More care

Although the Employee of the Quarter will enjoy the material incentives and awards, they also expect to receive more appreciation and care from the upper company management. In order to make your hard-working employees feel significant, you should motivate managers to approach them and congratulate them in front of the whole team. They should also sit at a table reserved for company directors and upper management. After the ceremony is over, managers and directors should talk with Employees of the Quarter about their career goals and ideas for improving company’s business and employee relations.

Creative quarter events can also be used as a powerful branding tool. Companies that organize them should motivate their employees to share their awards and event photos on social media. This way, their employees will serve as company’s brand advocates. They will help them attract and retain the best talents and decrease turnover rates.

Alisiana Peters

Author: Alisiana Peters

Alisiana is a senior marketing coordinator at HiringThing, an award-winning online recruiting software provider dedicated to changing the way businesses hire talent. Questions? Contact HiringThing Marketing.