4 Things to Look for in a White Label Hiring Software Partner

Hiring Software: Private Label Partnership

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A private label applicant tracking system (ATS) is an ideal way to streamline your offerings and provide a singular HR solution that will also help your clients hire fantastic candidates. A private label partnership will allow you to capitalize on a trusted vendor’s pre-existing software and knowledge so you can focus on what you do best. Below are four key elements you should look for when searching for a private label hiring software partner so you can quickly implement a valuable new recruiting tool into your current offering.

Key Elements of a Private Label Partner

A successful private label partnership will provide a valuable service to your clients while increasing your revenue earning potential. When choosing a private label partnership, consider whether the software will align well with your current offering, how easily it will integrate, if it’s user-friendly, and if your clients will find it valuable. Here is a brief checklist of the most vital criteria to include in your search:

  1. Customization options

    This is an important component of any private label ATS. The software should have a full range of branding options — from setup to training to ongoing marketing. There should also be enough flexibility to account for the different ways clients will use the software, regardless of their specific recruiting needs. From workflows to integrations to an open API, make sure the software is fully customized for your business and clients.

  2. Feature set

    Identify features that will simplify and automate the processes that are key to your clients’ operations while enhancing the effectiveness of their recruiting. Your clients may be struggling to find qualified candidates to fill their open positions. Some businesses deal with inefficient communications between candidates and internal stakeholders. Often hiring managers simply grow tired of contending with manual hiring processes that lack seamless efficiencies.

  3. Partner reputation and track record

    Don’t struggle with an untested partner. It’s important to properly vet a potential partnership, learning about its current clients and seeking customer testimonials that speak to the partner’s strengths and abilities. Additionally, don’t be afraid to request case studies that detail the vendor’s experience with businesses like yours.

  4. Service and support

    Success is difficult without the necessary service and support. Is the ATS’s onboarding method organized? How long will it take to get you up and running? What kind of training and marketing materials will be provided? A great indicator of customer service includes the vendor’s response times, along with how well the company answers your questions.

Be a part of the experience

Our unique partner offering, the HiringThing Partner Experience, provides partners with a cutting-edge private label ATS paired with a friendly team of ATS professionals. Our feature-rich recruitment platform marries Hiring Happiness™ with Partner Perfection™ — that awesome feeling you get when working with a supportive software team that won’t stop until it identifies and solves your clients’ hiring pains.

The HiringThing Partner Experience includes:

  • A committed partnership: Partners receive premium access to our adaptable and strategic software team that is dedicated to finding creative and intuitive ways to solve your clients’ hiring headaches.
  • Effortless recruiting: Your clients will find the most qualified candidates with our powerful yet simple-to-use hiring tools. Our platform is streamlined and intuitive, providing users with stress-free hiring.
  • Superior support: Your team will be fully supported by our marketing and sales teams. With resources, content, and more, we’ll help you reach peak success.
  • Talented engineering: Our developers and designers are dedicated to fully understanding your platform in order to ensure your integration is seamless and delivers powerful results.

Ready to integrate with HiringThing’s award-winning ATS? Schedule a demo today so your clients can experience Hiring Happiness™ tomorrow.

Author: Ashley Ellingson

Ashley Ellingson is a marketing content writer at HiringThing, an award-winning online recruiting software provider dedicated to changing the way businesses hire talent. Questions? Contact HiringThing Marketing.

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