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Turnkey recruiting software

Solve the hiring challenges your clients face by adding recruiting technology to your HR service provides. Offer them the recruiting solution you and they will love.

PEO & ASO Recruiting Solution
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Find shared success when your clients are growing

Add recruiting software as an add-on to your offering and watch sales potential grow as your clients’ businesses do.

Add value and grow your revenue with new services

Better serve the full HR function by embedding our advanced recruiting solution into your service offering.

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Experience expert, dedicated partner support

Extend the bandwidth of your team with our patented Partner Perfection™. You and your clients are in good hands with the experienced, friendly applicant tracking experts on our team.

Proud Associate Members of NAPEO

Providing integrated recruiting solutions for HR Service Providers.

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Our recruiting technology is your clients' hiring solution

HR professional using applicant tracking software

Meet your clients’ hiring needs by offering them an advanced applicant tracking system (ATS) that you can implement fast, while adding a new revenue stream for you. Let our experts develop, upkeep, and evolve the Product while you and your clients reap the benefits.

Sometimes a Private Label Applicant Tracking System is called a white label applicant tracking system. Though these two modalities are similar, private labeling goes beyond branding with full partner support and the option for customizations.

Empower your clients to grow

You’ll provide an award-winning solution for the most pressing HR challenge your clients are facing—recruiting and retention!

One-Stop Shop

Make recruiting seamless for your clients as their single source for all things human resources.


Provide an award-winning solution with intuitive features that enable clients to attract, automate, and collaborate.

Full End-User Support

Our Support Beyond Compare™ means your clients always have our expert support to guide them through the hiring process.

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