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5 Ways Mandatory Happy Fun Time Keeps Our Remote Team Connected

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At HiringThing, we’ve coined the phrase “mandatory happy fun time” which isn’t really mandatory at all, but promotes our fully remote team to connect in fun and engaging ways. With many office closures still in effect due to COVID-19, we recognize that it can be difficult to feel connected to one another and take time to de-stress. This article will list 5 ways we work to keep our team connected with mandatory happy fun time ideas.

1. Team Trivia

Leverage communication tools such as Slack or Microsoft Teams to organize a remote game – who doesn’t love competitive trivia? We’ve split our organization into different teams with a designated captain to help lead a team to victory. Trivia questions have typically been a mash up of company history (i.e. which employee has been here the longest), to workflow process and facts about our clients. It’s a fun way to brush up on things you may not have known previously and to work together with your colleagues in an informal way to meet a common goal.

2. Team Photo Sharing

We love sharing fond memories with each other. In the past, we have asked employees to share their favorite pictures from 10 years ago, their childhood and more. Sharing old memories can often spark interesting conversations between one another and is a great opportunity to get to know your teammates in a personal way and spark conversation remotely.

3. Team Shoutouts 

At HiringThing, we love to shout out and recognize others for a job well done. We frequently have “moments of appreciation” where we go into detail to recognize a colleague that has made our jobs easier. It’s nice to get those warm fuzzies and know that you’re appreciated and valued within a company and amongst your coworkers. Promoting this often and frequently is a great boost for team morale!

4. Remote Holiday Gift Giving

The holidays are always a special time for giving and it’s no different at HiringThing, even though we are a fully remote team. We host an annual Secret Santa gift exchange each year where everyone is given a person to shop for based on that person’s specific likes and interests. Sharing our personalized gifts and guessing who the giver was is a fun way to give some extra love around the holidays.

5. Annual Team Retreats

Each year, HiringThing hosts a company-wide annual retreat in a different city. Most recently, we requested everyone share their favorite songs and we compiled each song into a playlist hosted on Spotify. This playlist was shared to keep our team entertained while they traveled and was a good way to learn more about each other’s music interests and keep our team connected… even while on the road!

As a fully remote company, we are always looking for ways to engage with one another and have fun. What activities are your organization doing remotely in order to stay connected?


About HiringThing 

HiringThing has been a 100% remote software company since 2012, so we’re experts when it comes to working from home. Check out our Remote Work Hub for more remote work tips that’ll help keep your team happy and productive.

Author: Mimi Lombardo

Mimi Lombardo is a senior marketing specialist at HiringThing, an award-winning online recruiting software provider dedicated to changing the way businesses hire talent. Questions? Contact HiringThing Marketing.

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