Makings of a Great Manager

The Makings of a Great Hiring Manager

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When you interview a potential new hire, you’re being interviewed as well (at least if the candidate is any good). Just as you will, they’ll deduct points if you are late to the appointment, come unprepared, or otherwise fail to put your best foot forward.

So how can you show you care about the candidate and impress them with your professionalism throughout the hiring process? Solid systems and processes, and the help of a little technology, will keep you on track and ensure candidates stay excited and engaged throughout the song and dance.


Sounds simple enough: keep the candidate in the loop on the status of their application. While most candidates understand they are one of many awesome candidates, they still want to know if they are in the running. A stellar hiring manager will make the effort with the wrong fit as well as the stars. Give everyone some peace of mind by committing yourself to sending that email. You can give yourself a productivity boost by using some of the technology at your fingertips:

Send a “TBNT” email

Send a “Thanks but no thanks” communication to candidates you’ve determined do not fit the role. You can set custom tags to automate this process, as well as put a time delay on the communication so the candidate doesn’t feel overlooked.

Sort with applicant tags

Your open position may require a driver’s license or a certain number of years experience. Rather than scan hundreds of resumes for keywords, counting and calculating, save yourself some time and energy – automate the review with tags. Your applicant tracking system should allow you to organize applicant records by adding custom tags for fast and easy filtering. Sorting with tags will allow the most qualified candidates to float to the top and organize your candidate pool.

Reach them

Phone, email, or text what’s your candidate’s preference? There’s a good chance they’ll be thrilled to opt in to SMS, and get your messages as soon as they’re sent. Meet them where they are, making communication comfortable and efficient for all.

Setting and Meeting Expectations

Keeping candidates informed is a great start. As you get further into evaluation, setting expectations and keeping your promises shows your candidates that you value them. It’s worth the effort to maintain your reputation as a desirable employer and revered hiring manager.


Schedule interviews with the candidate and other internal stakeholders quickly to reduce your average days to hire. As you know, finding time that works for everyone takes a lot of back-and-forth, and patience, so much patience. Make this simple with your applicant tracking systems’ integrated calendar features. How delightful!

Transparent Process

Make a candidate successful by giving them every opportunity to shine. Sharing who they will meet with allows the candidate to research and prepare for their conversation so it’s more productive for everyone. As a strong hiring manager, ask questions to show they have done their homework.

“Of candidates who gave their experience a five-star rating, 48.3% received interviewer names and background information before they spoke” according to the 2018 Talent Board North American Candidate Experience Benchmark Research Report.

A culture exploration interview and skip-level interviews can also be beneficial to both yourself and the candidate. This offers them a chance to talk to a diverse group of people in the organization while internally you continue to gain consensus on your evaluation. 

Additionally, give your candidate a heads up on any additional assessments you’ll be conducting. If they know you’ll want references, they can begin letting their former supervisors and colleagues know what to expect in turn.

Hiring Manager Tip: Take further advantage of technology by utilizing digital assessments tools like SkillSurvey for references and Crimcheck for background checks.


A candidate who is particularly interested in your company may be holding their breath waiting for your call. They may also be entertaining other opportunities. It’s important to provide a reasonable timeline in which you will be making a decision on whether to advance them in the process. And then follow through! As the amazing hiring manager you are, your candidate will appreciate it whether the news is happy or disappointing.

Roll Out The Red Carpet

You’ve made an offer, and they said yes! Welcome them to the team with five star treatment. It’s up to the hiring manager to ensure they have a smooth transition into their new role. Once again, turn to the many features of your ATS to bring them home.

Easy onboarding

No one loves paperwork. Get the necessary documents signed and out of the way by providing them digitally. Even better? Send and receive them with a digital signature using integrated electronic signature documents. Your new hire will thank you for making it so easy, and they’ll know they are in good hands!

From the job posting to their first day, the hiring manager is responsible for a candidate’s recruitment experience and setting them up for success within the organization. Create a fair and simplified candidate experience by standardizing workflows, and multiply your efficiency with recruiting software. Let tech do the heavy lifting so you can focus on finding the perfect talent to join you and your team.

Need to work some magic but don’t have the solutions in place? Try HiringThing’s affordable hiring software with a free 14-day trial and discover Hiring Happiness™.

Author: Joanna Hartvickson

Joanna Hartvickson is the director of marketing at HiringThing, an award-winning online recruiting software provider dedicated to changing the way businesses hire talent. Questions? Contact HiringThing Marketing.

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