Job Experience vs. Talent: Who Do You Choose?

As a hiring manager, your responsibility is to find the best candidate for a certain job position, but this may not be the applicant with an impressive resume who aces an interview. Among the many great candidates you may find, how do you choose between experience and talent for a specific role?

When to Hire for Experience

Experience matters for management positions. These roles require leaders and decisions makers. Rookie mistakes may cause the entire department — or even the entire company — to suffer. You need the assurance that candidates can make hard decisions and have the work ethic and creativity to carry out new ideas that will expand and grow the company.

Additionally, the type of experience candidates possess makes a difference. For example, for a management position, you need an individual with a successful work and leadership history. Remember that just because someone has worked in a particular industry for a decade, he or she may not have strong leadership skills.

When to Hire for Talent

When individuals are hired based on talent, their particular skills make the entire company more innovative, productive, and successful. These people are often full of fresh new ideas, willing to create strategies and procedures to carry out projects. If your company is looking to move in a new direction or generate new ideas, talent may be ideal.

In many situations, candidates who possess large skill sets but lack experience are young. Your company can use this to its advantage, shaping and molding these individuals into ideal employees through training programs and by setting high expectations. Additionally, young workers have not had time to develop long lists of bad habits or poor work ethic. They have potential, and that is a critical component of the perfect employee.

When Does It Matter?

Hiring the best candidate will come down to specific characteristics of the candidate and qualifications of the job you are filling. For example, in the medical field, a doctor with ample experience and education is a must. For a website development position, talent is a big plus. As you look for the ideal job seeker, consider exactly what the role requires and how the candidate will help your company expand and grow. Finding and hiring the perfect applicant is no simple task. If you simply fill the position based on minimum requirements, you will receive fewer benefits than if you hire someone with the experience or skill set your company needs to thrive.


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Author: Alisiana Peters

Alisiana is a senior marketing coordinator at HiringThing, an award-winning online recruiting software provider dedicated to changing the way businesses hire talent. Questions? Contact HiringThing Marketing.