Immediate Hiring ROI: Small Business Uses HiringThing and Wonderlic to Overhaul Hiring Process

Jay Sudowski from Handy Networks tells a familiar, but inspiring, tale of building a successful small business from nothing. Founded in 1997, Handy Networks has grown from its humble beginnings to now helping other small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) from over 40 different countries with cloud hosting services.

Dedicated to providing the greatest value, service and quality of work to its customers, Handy Networks has always sought top talent. They’ve cultivated a great culture and a truly exceptional team. However, as the organization has grown, the hiring process hasn’t always kept up. Like countless other SMBs, Handy Networks found itself tracking candidates manually with spreadsheets, reviewing mounds of resumes and spending lots of time on the phone screening candidates. On top of this time-intensive process, Handy Networks had made a few bad hires, some which left without notice and others that were fired for cause. For a small business, the consequences of just one bad hire are significant: Jay estimates the direct, out-of-pocket expense for each of these bad hires to be at least $5,000, and that’s not to mention the indirect costs, the lost productivity and negative impact on his team.

Recognizing the importance of making faster, smarter hiring decisions, Jay knew it was time to integrate additional technology into Handy Networks’ hiring process. There was one problem, as Jay searched for HR management services, he found most systems fell into two camps:

  • The system was robust, but incredibly costly or
  • The system was inexpensive, but lacked critical features and functionality.

Jay said, “As a smaller business there are not a lot of affordable options that offer good features.”

Just as hope for a solution began to wane, Jay discovered not one, but two answers to his prayers: HiringThing and Wonderlic. An applicant tracking system and pre-employment testing solution integrated to create a seamless, easier, smarter hiring process. Both systems were designed explicitly with SMBs in mind, which gave Jay exactly what he needed to quickly find the best candidates. On top of that, both systems allowed for free trials and monthly pricing, giving Jay the opportunity to see the impact on his hiring process before having to pay a penny.

With the integrated hiring solution from HiringThing and Wonderlic, Jay has completely overhauled his manual hiring process. The difference in hiring has been immediate and substantial – Jay and his team now have automated screening to see which candidates are likely to be all-stars and fit the roles at Handy Networks. Tracking, managing and screening candidates is 100% automated and spreadsheets have gone the way of the beeper. Reflecting on the new process and the integrated systems, Jay says, “It has been ‘easy button’ simple. We’ve made two new hires with the process and there is already a noticeable difference in performance compared to recent bad hires.”

To learn how Handy Networks is finding the best candidates with Wonderlic and HiringThing, try it out for yourself – simply go to the Integration section of your account details page and click the ‘Wonscore from Wonderlic’ icon or click here to schedule time with the Wonscore team now.

Alisiana Peters

Author: Alisiana Peters

Alisiana is a marketing coordinator at HiringThing, an award-winning online recruiting software provider dedicated to changing the way businesses hire talent. Questions? Contact HiringThing Marketing.