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Introducing The HiringThing Guide to Increasing Your Applicant Traffic

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Recruiting is the top workplace challenge of 2021. Businesses aren’t just struggling with finding candidates but also with the potentially outdated strategies they’ve been using to address recruiting, hiring, keeping talent, and improving diversity and inclusion initiatives.

  • As of March 2021, 42% of small and medium business owners had open positions they couldn’t fill. 
  • In April 2021, an unprecedented 4 million people quit their jobs.
  • As of May 2021, employment at eating and drinking establishments was still 1.5 million jobs below what it was pre-pandemic, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics
  • As of July 2021, while employers still consider hiring their top challenge, employers added 943,000 jobs, which shows that not only is the job market returning to a pre-pandemic state of normalcy, but competition for those hires will be fierce. 

The good news is that by questioning  “the way we’ve done things,” forward-thinking companies can transform the way they find talent and increase their applicant traffic, even in today’s challenging hiring environment. 

The better news is that the Hiring Happiness experts at HiringThing are here to help with The HiringThing Guide to Increasing Your Applicant Traffic. We’ve designed The HiringThing Guide to Increasing Your Applicant Traffic as a workbook, including checklists, audits, and organizers to help get you started thinking about how to increase your applicant traffic.

The guide covers:

  • How to reassess the hiring process (and why applicant traffic is down).
  • What today’s job seekers are looking for.
  • The new rules of recruiting.
  • How to take your recruiting strategy to the next level.

Why is Applicant Traffic Down?

Applicant traffic is down across the board because job seekers have choices in the current environment. Despite being the headline that gets clicks, “The Great Resignation” is a bit of a misnomer: 

  • Employers added 850,000 employees in June 2021
  • We forget that recruiting issues are not new or even pandemic-specific issues. In January 2021, two months before “the new normal” became part of the everyday lexicon, employers reported that they couldn’t find skilled candidates for the roles they were seeking to fill. 

It’s easy to blame the pandemic for our current labor disparity, but it’s more nuanced than that. Hiring has always gone in ebbs and flows. Workers have more agency and autonomy than ever before, and employers need to reflect that in the way they market open positions to get top candidates. 

Reassessing the Hiring Process

Reimagining the hiring process means treating job candidates the same way you’d treat customers. Find out what they’re looking for in a new job, and their pain points regarding the job-application process—2021 is all about people-centric hiring. 

What Are Today’s Job Seekers Looking For?

It’s essential to understand what today’s top candidates want out of a role. Today’s candidates want:

  • A sense of purpose in their career. 
  • The ability to grow and develop professionally at work. 
  • An organization that values diversity. 
  • A flexible work environment. 

The New Rules of Recruiting 

At HiringThing, we recommend taking the following steps to increase your applicant traffic: 

  • Get an Applicant Traffic System (ATS).
  • Write great job postings.
  • Post your job openings to the right places. 
  • Remove common barriers for your applicants. 
  • Brand yourself. 
  • Reimagine your hiring process.  

These “New Rules of Recruiting” will be examined in depth in The HiringThing Guide to Increasing Your Applicant Traffic, as well as in a forthcoming series of blog posts over the next few weeks. 

Take Your Hiring to the Next Level (Aka Offer the Ability to Work Remotely)

65% of workers currently want to work remotely, and 51% of job seekers are looking for remote work. Embracing a work-from-anywhere hiring policy will not only increase your applicant traffic but strengthen the quality of your applicants by: 

  • Widening your pool of candidates.
  • Diversifying your workforce.
  • Keeping your organization competitive.

We know that not everyone involved in the recruiting and hiring process can change company work policies—but HiringThing still has you covered! Check out our “How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Work Remotely” blog if you need to convince your boss or executive team to transition your company to a work-from-anywhere workplace. 

Download “The HiringThing Guide to Increasing Your Applicant Traffic.”

We’re passionate about helping companies post jobs online, manage applicants, and ultimately hire great employees here at HiringThing. Increasing your applicant traffic is key to ensuring Hiring Happiness® isn’t just a phrase we like to pepper around our website, but something you live and breathe at your place of work.

Get The HiringThing Guide to Increasing Your Applicant Traffic


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Author: Joanna Hartvickson

Joanna Hartvickson is the director of marketing at HiringThing, an award-winning online recruiting software provider dedicated to changing the way businesses hire talent. Questions? Contact HiringThing Marketing.

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