Hiring in a Hurry — Successfully Staffing up ASAP

In an ideal workplace, we would have endless time to finish tasks, with flexible deadlines flowing seamlessly around our schedules. In reality, some things need to happen immediately, including hiring new talent. No matter how organized you might be in your day-to-day routine, when your organization needs to bring on one or more new hires in a short time period, you will feel the crunch that comes with completing a tall order in a less-than-ideal time window. Whether you’re staffing for a last-minute project or setting up a new department on a rush deadline, you’ll inevitably encounter situations in which you and your HR team must hire in a hurry. You can approach a tight hiring timeline with a frantic, chaotic approach (not recommended) or with a reliable system that will allow seamless hiring no matter your time constraints.

Standardize the interview process

Each interview is unique, but if you use a standard guideline, the process will flow quickly and efficiently. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel for each interview when you can establish a robust set of interview questions to use as a starting point for each candidate. This takes strategy and effort at the outset, but it pays off when you can sit down to a last-minute interview with a basic script ready to go.

Get specific on project expectations

To avoid wasting time with candidates who won’t fit your organization, get super specific about the expectations of the position. This means not only giving detailed information about company culture but also drilling down to expected deliverables. Discussing detailed project timelines is a critical part of a rush interview process, allowing you to vet candidates by providing ultra-specific instructions for what you expect in the first week, month, quarter, etc. This allows the right candidates to hit the ground running and weeds out those who aren’t in line with the metrics you’ve described.

Prepare to make an offer

When HR does not begin drafting the job offer until the interview process has begun, much time is wasted. Meetings are often scheduled for presenting the offer, usually with separate times set aside for signing on the dotted line. Skip the time gaps by developing a clear process for offering a position to a candidate. This can include standardized offer letters that can be customized at a moment’s notice and brought directly to the final interview, where the hiring manager can present them to the candidate at the appropriate time. While it’s a candidate’s prerogative to ponder an offer, many are eager to sign right away. Having offer letters and necessary onboarding documents on hand at the final interview shows a candidate that you’re serious and may inspire him or her to hurry acceptance.

Create effortless onboarding

Your work isn’t over once you’ve hired a new employee, but you can do much to streamline and maximize his or her first days for optimal efficiency. A standardized onboarding package is indispensable, especially when it’s interactive and customizable for any position. Not only does this take the pressure off your department when a new hire starts, but it helps the employee’s first days run smoothly.

Establishing these systems takes forward thinking and prep time, but working with your team to develop them is indispensable, especially when you’re under a time crunch to initiate new staffers. Optimize workplace lulls by perfecting your processes. It will pay off significantly when your team is faced with the challenge of hiring in a hurry.

Author: Alisiana Peters

Alisiana is a senior marketing coordinator at HiringThing, an award-winning online recruiting software provider dedicated to changing the way businesses hire talent. Questions? Contact HiringThing Marketing.