Five Ways to Modernize the Hiring Process

Like many businesses, your human resources department could probably use a boost to get your hiring process up to speed with today’s job market. With so many companies using new and innovative techniques for screening candidates, it’s easy for potential employees to overlook businesses who use outdated methods. Here are five fresh ways to shake up your traditional practices and breathe new life into your hiring process. These methods will help you stay current, put you in touch with the best candidates, and make your internal workflow easier for everyone involved:

  1. Try text communication — Hiring a new employee often consumes a great deal of an employer’s time, much of which he or she may spend composing emails and playing phone tag with candidates. Not only do these methods suck time, but they are starting to seem antiquated. Through text messaging, the communication method many candidates prefer, employers can send quick updates and schedule interviews with a few short lines of dialogue.
  2. Re-think interview questions — Step away from standard interview questions to which, having heard them so often, your candidates can likely relay the perfect canned answer. Asking unique interview questions forces interviewees to act on their feet, think outside the box, and engage in more meaningful conversations.
  3. Use video interviews — Through this method you can perform first-round interviews with candidates in a way that’s convenient and efficient for both parties. Applications like Skype or tools like HiringThing’s integrated video interviewing platform simplify the pre-screening process. Video interviews are ideally suited to initial interviews in which employers want to get a sense of a candidate’s personality and fit before inviting him or her to an in-person meeting. They are also great to assess a candidate’s verbal communication skills.
  4. Go mobile — From banking to ordering dinner, people do everything from their phones, and applying for jobs should be just as modern and mobile friendly. An optimized mobile experience that allows candidates to easily apply and access job-related company information will update your recruiting process and increase their attraction to your company.
  5. Tap into social media — Mobile-friendly job postings will allow your employees and colleagues to quickly advertise new positions on their personal social network pages, exposing the people they know to your company. Accepting a resume from someone who is connected online to a friend or associate is a great way to find a candidate. You are more likely to interview and even hire someone with a personal referral than an unknown applicant. Extending postings to social networks will increase your exposure and put your postings in front of a pool of individuals who may come recommended.

A few upgrades to the way you seek applicants and conduct interviews can have a huge impact on your hiring process and can increase your likelihood of finding the best people to join your company. A more modern and tech-friendly process will make the most of the time you spend hiring, give you access to the best candidates, and satisfy your entire recruitment team.

Author: Alisiana Peters

Alisiana is a senior marketing coordinator at HiringThing, an award-winning online recruiting software provider dedicated to changing the way businesses hire talent. Questions? Contact HiringThing Marketing.