Find Talent that Soars – and Manage the Process Simply

No asset matters more than the people you hire. So find and screen the best candidates in the least amount of time. These HiringThing tools make it so. Here’s how.

Simple Online Posting for All Your Positions

We make it ridiculously easy to be found by the applicants you seek.

  • Enjoy one-click access to the best job sites, thanks to HiringThing partnerships.
  • Syndicate your job listing to multiple free job board, as well as including Craigslist, Monster, LinkedIn and many others.
  • Amplify visibility by sharing listings to leading social networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and more.

Cut Hours from the Screening Process with Video Interviewing

Video screening is the new way to find the best candidates for a role – without making a single call. A simple interface, fully integrated with HiringThing, takes the time and expense out of screening – and ensures consistent, unbiased results.

  • Every candidate responds to the same questions – and they answer under the same conditions, as if they were on a screening call. No pausing, do-overs, or resets means you get their spontaneous response.
  • Web-based interface requires no IT infrastructure, so it’s simple to implement.
  • Save time by sending an invitation to as many candidates as you like – and review their responses on your schedule.
  • Save money by only conducting face-to-face interviews with your most qualified candidates.

Powerfully Simple Pre-Employment Testing

The success of your business depends on a great team. Wonscore™ from Wonderlic is an easier, faster way to hire better employees.

  • Proven method for predicting job performance.
  • Assesses cognitive ability, motivation and personality.
  • Make more informed hiring decisions.
  • Improve your employee retention.
  • Start testing in minutes from any device.

Background Checks – Integrated with Integrity

A bad hire can cost money, time, and staff morale. So before you hire, get confirmation that your candidates pass muster with our integrated background check solution.

  • Simplify pre-employment verification and background screening.
  • Fully compliant with Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Embed Jobs Where You Want Them

Our embeddable Job Widgets make it easy to add job listings and notifications to your online properties.

  • The listing widget displays a list of your openings and links users to your HiringThing application form to apply.
  • The forms widget displays the listings and embeds the application form using an iFrame.
  • The sign-up widget lets potential employees get notifications whenever new jobs are posted – a great way to reach passive candidates.

Activate Referral Networks

Great people know great people. So HiringThing makes it easy to tap your network to expand your reach.

  • Tools that help you manage the referral process.
  • Empower employees and colleagues to share postings.
  • Automatically track referrals to feed incentive programs.

Hiring Happiness means saying goodbye to email and spreadsheets for managing candidates.