Improve Employer Brand to Recruit Top Talent


Study after study has been performed trying to crack the code of what job candidates are looking for in a great employer. What makes them tick? What are the deciding factors when choosing which job offer to accept?

The reality is, today’s top talent is seeking much more than just a competitive salary and good benefits. They are looking for a place where they fit in. Where they can do their best work and, in doing so, feel as though they’re truly making an impact. As such, attracting these highly qualified candidates requires the ability to present your available roles as much more than just another job opening, but rather demonstrating that your company is a great place to work.

Not sure how to accomplish this? Here are a few helpful employer branding tips to get you pointed in the right direction.

Focus on culture
Firstly, you can’t even begin to use your brand to attract the best candidates if you don’t yet have a great, engaging workplace. If you haven’t already established a strong, positive company culture, this needs to be the initial focus of your efforts. Figure out what you want your brand to represent – whether it’s flexibility, transparency, empowerment or some combination of these – and start taking the necessary steps to develop and foster that culture throughout the entire organization.

Create and drill home a compelling elevator pitch
Good employer branding requires that everyone is onboard – from top management to front line workers. This ensures that you’ll never miss an opportunity to reach and attract the attention of top talent. Figure out how to communicate your company’s unique value proposition (i.e. why you’re better than the competition) in a way that’s simple, succinct and powerful. Make sure every single soul who works in your organization knows that pitch by heart. This provides you with an army of evangelists who will further spread your brand message.

Be authentic
The best way to show talented candidates what makes your company such a great place to work is to give them a glimpse at the human side of your brand. That is – show them the faces and personalities behind your slogan and logo. Share stories that are real and authentic. Showcase and celebrate your existing employees. This creates a strong personal connection and can help prospective employees begin to envision themselves having similar positive experiences with your company.

Use technology to your full advantage
These days, almost everyone turns to things like social media and other digital resources to interact with brands. Not only are these powerful vehicles for marketing purposes, but they’re also great tools for communicating your internal company culture to the masses as well. When you invest in creating connections, developing and nurturing relationships, and consistently spreading the word about what sets your brand apart, people will naturally be drawn in and begin to trust you.

Never miss a chance to showcase your brand
The branding process should be something that’s done all the time, not just when you’re looking to fill an open position. Additionally, when you make branding an everyday goal, you’ll have the chance to reach and connect with those individuals that may not be actively seeking a job change. One poll showed that while 74% of all US workers are satisfied with their current jobs, 66% would still consider leaving for the right opportunity. Operate under the concept that even if the timing isn’t perfect today, it could be tomorrow.

To achieve and sustain continued success, your company must find a way to attract, recruit and retain the most talented employees. By developing, solidifying and effectively communicating the things that make your brand stand out as a great place to work, you’ll be better positioned to catch the attention of those who will make the greatest addition to your team.

Author: Ashley Morgan

Ashley is the Director of Marketing at HiringThing, an award-winner online recruiting software provider dedicated to changing the way businesses hire talent. Questions? Contact HiringThing Marketing.