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Customized Recruiting Software Changes Hiring

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There are many benefits of a customized applicant tracking system (ATS). While off-the-shelf solutions might seem like an efficient option, they don’t take into account your recruitment needs. Instead, consider a customized ATS that reduces the time it takes to find qualified candidates. A customizable ATS will support your company brand, increase candidate engagement, and improve your internal user experience from start to finish. If you’re in the market for an ATS specifically suited to meet your business needs, you’re in the right place! Below are several ways in which customized recruiting software can positively change how you hire.

Enhance your brand

Employer branding — a company’s reputation as an employer — is a crucial element of attracting talent. In fact, a company’s reputation is considered important to more than 80 percent of job seekers. A positive employer brand benefits your bottom line for numerous reasons. With a solid reputation, a hiring manager can spend less time and money promoting open positions while the company receives a more favorable reception on social media.

Branded career pages ensure that your company branding is consistent, positive, and clear to applicants. Your job postings are listed on your careers page, so it’s important to incorporate your unique company look and feel. A customizable ATS, such as HiringThing, will allow you to add your custom logo and color scheme, define job categories, or add external tracking. For many applicants, the hiring process will be their first interaction with your company. Make sure your voice, messaging, and aesthetics accurately represent your brand throughout every step of the hiring and onboarding process. Positive employer branding will only help your company attract and retain candidates.

Other ATS customization options

In addition to branding options, HiringThing offers a variety of customized workflow options. From reviewing resumes and sending skills assessments to obtaining stakeholder approval and scheduling first interviews, custom workflow options ensure you don’t lose any applicants while advancing only those with the best qualifications.

  • Customized recruiting workflow options: Set custom workflows for job requisitions and offer letters right within the app. Meet your company’s communication needs by utilizing custom approval and notification options that keep your recruiting process on track.
  • Utilize customized pre-screening questions: Don’t waste time on applicants who don’t meet the basic position requirements. Asking knock-out questions is a great way to efficiently and automatically remove ineligible applicants. Simply type your questions into the Form Builder™ (a tool that enables you to customize your online application form), provide each question with the desired response (such as short text or multiple choice), and mark questions as required, if desired.
  • Create custom statuses: Streamline how you manage applicants by tagging them with custom statuses or choosing from a list of default options. Tags like “Under Consideration” or “Interview Completed” will keep your applicants organized while helping the hiring process progress smoothly. Plus, you can automatically apply statuses to candidates who have applied or have been hired.

Templates for every need

Why reinvent the wheel for every form, job description, and message you need? Instead, with a customizable ATS like HiringThing, you can choose from a selection of existing templates or create your own templates for all your communications.

  • Pre-screening questions or other vital qualifiers are necessary for the position and your company. Easily access any information you need — whether competency levels, past employers, salaries, or available hours — in order to find the best hire for the position.
  • Copy and edit job description templates to save time and gain consistency so you can use one job description for similar positions with a few tweaks.
  • Custom email templates allow you to update applicants on their statuses or schedule interviews. This means you can save time not having to respond to individual emails or phone calls.
  • Customizable offer letters highlight your company’s benefits or policies while including specific details relevant to candidates. If you need broader company buy-in, set up each offer letter to require approval before it’s sent out.
  • Digital onboarding is hassle free, giving you the option of selecting standard onboarding document templates or customizing your own with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Real cost savings

While other applicant tracking systems make customization pricing confusing or expensive, HiringThing is proud to offer easy-to-use software at a reasonable price. All pricing packages include access to Form Builder™. With unlimited users and job applicants, HiringThing’s ATS remains one of the most intuitive yet cost-effective options available. Want to see for yourself? Start your free 14-day trial!

Author: Ashley Ellingson

Ashley Ellingson is a marketing content writer at HiringThing, an award-winning online recruiting software provider dedicated to changing the way businesses hire talent. Questions? Contact HiringThing Marketing.

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