Creatively Manage Workers by Personality Type

There are many different personality types working at a company at any one time, and there is no magic bullet that helps us successfully manage them all in the same way. Different personality types require different ways of managing them.

Expert managers recognize this and have learned exactly how to get the best out of each member of their team, harnessing their strengths while ensuring their weaknesses don’t have a dampening effect on productivity.

Let’s take a look at creative ways companies segment workers by personality type:


Extroverts are chatty workers who love to get involved with the action. They’re full of ideas, and they’re always looking for fresh ways they can collaborate and interact with others.

Extroverts are your key players when it comes to brainstorming sessions. They’ve got ideas, and they’re not afraid to voice them. It’s important that you encourage an open and communicative atmosphere so they can thrive.

The last thing you want is for them to totally shut down! Provide them with outlets that are focused, and which ensure they engage their team members.


Introverts aren’t as vocal as extroverts, but they’re just as necessary to the success of a company. Moreover, they can produce great ideas, even if they’re not always willing to voice them in an open forum.

Getting the best out of an introvert is tricky because they’re often quiet, reserved and insular. It’s important that you don’t make them feel uncomfortable by segmenting them wrongly. Creative companies tend to provide introverts with quiet spaces in the office, where they are free to be productive and develop their ideas.

Introverts need some alone time. Otherwise, they may get stressed or overwhelmed quickly.

The Doers And Go-Getters

In a typical office environment there will always be those who take action more than anyone else. These are the “doers.” They are ambitious and have tremendous work ethic. They are hard to intimidate and will hit the ground running in order to meet a goal, taking chances against all odds.

Doers are workhorses who love to get things done. Companies who know how to get the best out of this type of personality make sure that they always provide them with a sense of direction, letting them know exactly where the company is headed.

It’s also important to provide them with the tools that will help them to stay on track. Try putting them in an area of the office where there are fewer distractions (perhaps move them further from those they are close to and are a bit too social with), or use a productivity app, such as Evernote so that they can stay organized.

Companies who understand that doers work great with “thinkers” will be a step ahead, as the two personalities balance each other out.


Thinkers are the kind of workers who really dig metrics and analytics. They’re the whizz-kids who love to tackle the problems that others shy away from. They don’t mind dealing with numbers, and they’re detail-oriented. Thinkers love getting to know a topic inside-out and are super useful on any team. If you need some knowledge on a particular issue, the chances are they can help you out.

Their ability to concentrate and focus is more marked than that of all other personality types. Every company should utilize this, as their ability to grasp emerging patterns is beneficial.

Thinkers often have a lot of fear when it comes to moving into the unknown, tending to wait for the opportunity to happen rather than go after it. This is a great example of when teaming a thinker with a doer will produce positive results.

If you want to achieve continuous growth within your company, it is essential that you learn these personality types and how to accommodate them accordingly within your daily work environment. This will bring out the best in your employees and help them reach their fullest potential within their roles, ensuring you retain your most talented staff.

Alisiana Peters

Author: Alisiana Peters

Alisiana is a senior marketing coordinator at HiringThing, an award-winning online recruiting software provider dedicated to changing the way businesses hire talent. Questions? Contact HiringThing Marketing.