Collaborative Unbiased Recruiting

Collaborative, Unbiased Candidate Selection

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Everyone brings a unique perspective to evaluating a potential team member. The power of group wisdom comes to mind shared knowledge of the collective will result in better decisions. However, candidate reviews can be subjective, inviting bias and discrimination into the process. Adding structure and technology into your hiring process can make it seamless and fair for the hiring team and applicant alike. Utilize the collaboration features in HiringThing’s applicant tracking system to sniff out the best candidate for your team.

Custom Workflows

Within the applicant tracking system, you can set up custom workflows that meet the needs of your recruiting team. Custom approval and/or notification workflows for new job requisitions and offer letters allow you to streamline your team and hiring process. Stakeholders can even approve or redirect right from an email. Plus, with a simple, intuitive platform, you can easily adjust the process as your needs change.

Automated Candidate Filtering

You know what matters most in any given search for talented teammates. Fast track reviews, rate and quickly identify the most qualified candidates with our keyword tagging system. Customize application forms with pre-screening questions, qualifiers, and your own business rules to save time and effectively identify top candidates.

Instantly remove the candidates that don’t meet the minimum requirements from consideration. Automatically send a “Thanks but no thanks” email, triggered by custom filters and provide the candidate with a complete feedback loop. Eliminate the manual tasks so you can focus your time on the most qualified candidates.

Rating Applicants

Our talented engineers are constantly enhancing our product, and their latest feature release is a real game changer. If your company does multiple rounds of interviews, or leans on a variety of voices, you’re probably sharing feedback internally. Confidently share opinions and reduce bias in the process with multiple reviews and ratings. Averaged star ratings allow for group input without influence by other reviewers – a pillar in reducing bias in the interview process.

User Permissions

Collaboration is critical, but so staying in control of your recruitment activity. All access or nearly none — set permissions for all the roles you need, from Administrator to Read-Only. Advanced user permissions give team members access to the info they need without cluttering their experience.

Activity Feed

Keep everyone on the same page with our Activity Feed. It’s like Facebook for recruiters (but with more Zen). The Activity tab will reflect all actions made on the applicant profile, including Status and Rating Updates, Requests for Background and Reference Checks, and Mark as Hired actions. Transparently track the recruiting progress so the hiring team isn’t chasing their tails.

Give the pack the right recruitment tools that point to the top talent in your applicant pool. Try HiringThing’s feature-rich applicant tracking system with a free 14 day trial to discover collaborative, unbiased recruiting.

Author: Joanna Hartvickson

Joanna Hartvickson is the director of marketing at HiringThing, an award-winning online recruiting software provider dedicated to changing the way businesses hire talent. Questions? Contact HiringThing Marketing.

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