On-demand video interview
Speed Up Your Hiring with On-Demand Video Interviews

We’re quickly approaching the end of 2021—another extraordinary year. If you’re trying to fill open positions in your organization, you may be struggling. Labor participation.

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Accessible hiring practices
Ten Tips for Making Your Hiring Practices More Inclusive and Accessible

Why National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) Matters According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2020, 17.9% of individuals with disabilities were employed, compared.

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A professional woman ponders which job board to choose.
Seven Steps to Selecting the Right Job Board

Out of all the channels on which employers could post open positions, online job boards still produce the most applicants—51% of today’s job seekers utilize.

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Culinary Agents Founder and CEO Alice Cheng
Hiring for Hospitality in 2021 With Culinary Agents Founder and CEO Alice Cheng

If you’re in the hospitality industry, then you’re no doubt familiar with the following stat: half of U.S. hospitality workers aren’t planning on returning to.

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Great Candidate Interview Videos
Get Great Candidate Interview Videos

Many recruiters are turning to video interviews to modernize their hiring process. In fact, “60% of HR managers use or have used video interviewing (Legal.

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Open Recruiting Platform
Uplevel Your System with an Open Recruiting Platform

Your HR platform is providing an essential service to your clients, but are you looking to strengthen your solution? If you’re a PEO, HCIS, HCS,.

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Staffing Agency Software
Searching for Staffing Agency Software?

The world of staffing is experiencing a transformation. “Employers are turning to flexible staffing options, such as the gig economy and staffing agencies, as part.

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HR Superhero
Superheroes in the Human Resources Department

As we approach National Superhero Day on April 28, we can’t help but think about the gargantuan role played by Human Resources over the last.

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Automated Hiring
The Personal Touch in Hands-Off Recruiting

In an online world, applicants are seeking a connection with their next employer and co-workers. Meanwhile, recruiters and hiring managers increasingly take on more responsibilities,.

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Collaborative Unbiased Recruiting
Collaborative, Unbiased Candidate Selection

Everyone brings a unique perspective to evaluating a potential team member. The power of group wisdom comes to mind — shared knowledge of the collective.

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