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What is a Private Label Applicant Tracking System?

A Private Label ATS Solves Hiring Challenges A private label applicant tracking system (ATS) can help solve the hiring challenges businesses face. Before discussing the.

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Franchise Hiring for the Now
Standardized Franchise Hiring for the Now

Protecting your brand as a desirable employer is important to you as a Franchisor with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of locations with your logo.

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Open Recruiting Platform
Uplevel Your System with an Open Recruiting Platform

Your HR platform is providing an essential service to your clients, but are you looking to strengthen your solution? If you’re a PEO, HCIS, HCS,.

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Power Up Recruiting Technology
Recruiting Integrations Power Up Your Technology

Add modern recruiting capabilities to your current system to enable a more comprehensive solution for your organization. With “74% of HR leaders seeing spending for.

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ATS Solutions Make Recruitment Easy
Private Label ATS Makes Recruitment Integration Easy

Human Resources leaders are facing more challenges than ever before, but maintaining a stable and engaged workforce amidst the complexity of the HR function is.

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Day in the Life: Woman Software Engineer

For this blog post, we reached out to different women in the tech space to gain insight on how they initially gained interest in the.

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