Managing Infrastructure – On Chef and Rails

We’ve recently been making some upgrades to the HiringThing hosting infrastructure, and one of our initiatives is to add more automation, DevOps style HiringThing runs.

Cures for Bottlenecks in Hiring

A business is a well-oiled machine, relying on the seamless execution of a number of processes to drive it forward. Disruptions and delays (bottlenecks) will.

Hiring Challenges for Early Stage Companies

When I began talking to Josh, the founder and CTO here at HiringThing it brought back the many recruiting and hiring experiences I have had.

EventMachine and Rails

Integrating EventMachine with Rails can be a complicated experience. We worked through some of the compatibility issues and share our solution here. Behind the scenes.

Buttons With a Surprise

You might have noticed the button the front page has our HiringThing mascot peeping out from behind. It’s a great way to add some personality.