A jack russell terrier wears a ghost costume
How to Avoid Getting Ghosted By Job Candidates

Whether it’s the wronged spirits of the undead or the eponymously named “Ghostface” terrorizing Drew Barrymore as she just tried to make some Jiffy Pop.

Business Excellence Awards
HiringThing Wins Grand Globee® in the Business Excellence Awards

We’re thrilled to announce we were selected as a winner in the 6th Annual 2021 Business Excellence Awards. We received a Grand Globee® and three.

HR Service Providers Excited by PrismHR Live!
Examining HR Service Providers’ New Recruiting Realities at PrismHR LIVE!

While “disruptor” has become an overused buzzword in the business, the COVID-19 pandemic unequivocally disrupted the entire world of work. Pandemic closures, protocols, and dangers.

Business professional shakes hand with his new employer.
The New Rules of Recruiting: Build Your Employer Brand to Increase Applicant Traffic

Employer Brand Matters If you’re marketing to customers, you should be marketing to job seekers! Inbound marketing leaders HubSpot defines employer branding as “your reputation.

Software engineer
What is a Private Label Applicant Tracking System?

A Private Label ATS Solves Hiring Challenges A private label applicant tracking system (ATS) can help solve the hiring challenges businesses face. Before discussing the.

Accessible hiring practices
Ten Tips for Making Your Hiring Practices More Inclusive and Accessible

Why National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) Matters According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2020, 17.9% of individuals with disabilities were employed, compared.

A professional woman ponders which job board to choose.
Seven Steps to Selecting the Right Job Board

Out of all the channels on which employers could post open positions, online job boards still produce the most applicants—51% of today’s job seekers utilize.

Culinary Agents Founder and CEO Alice Cheng
Hiring for Hospitality in 2021 With Culinary Agents Founder and CEO Alice Cheng

If you’re in the hospitality industry, then you’re no doubt familiar with the following stat: half of U.S. hospitality workers aren’t planning on returning to.

Happy job seeker
The New Rules of Recruiting: Rethink What You Know About Job Postings

Don’t mention money in the first round of job interviews was a longtime “best practice” for job seekers. Not anymore. Today’s job seekers expect to.

A successful job interview.
The New Rules of Recruiting: What Do Job Candidates Want?

Your Audience Matters One of the first things companies looking to increase their applicant traffic must determine is what their ideal candidates want in a.