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Announcing Our New Executive Search Option with Cowen Partners

We’re excited to announce a new candidate sourcing option. We’ve teamed up with Cowen Partners to provide executive searches. Cowen Partners conducts local, regional, and national talent searches, which can help you find and hire professionals with a specific skill sets, backgrounds, and education. Rather than searching for, scheduling, and … Continue reading

posted on 16 Jun 2017

HiringThing Releases New Applicant Viewer

Our applicant viewer has undergone a complete overhaul, making applicant screening even happier. With a sleek look-and-feel, the new applicant viewer also has new features, the Next Applicant button and the Auto Next checkbox. The Next Applicant button allows hiring managers to quickly advance through all applicants. Even better, by … Continue reading

posted on 15 Jun 2017

Why You Should Hire a Freelance Writer and How to Attract Top Talent

  For many small business owners, having an ‘online presence’ means investing in a website and nothing more. However, in today’s economy, digital marketing has quickly become a necessary cost for the long-term success of an enterprise. In 2016, the most successful small businesses invested $500-$2000 a month in digital … Continue reading

posted on 08 Jun 2017

Is Your Recruiting Schedule a Nightmare? We Have the Answer!

We’ve added a heaping helping of Hiring Happiness™ to the interview scheduling process. Our goal is to eliminate the scheduling mishaps, double-bookings and back-and-forth when trying to schedule interviews, especially when you have an entire recruiting team involved. Our new Calendar does just that. Here’s what you need to know: … Continue reading

posted on 24 May 2017

Creative Ways Companies Segment Workers by Personality Type

There are many different personality types working at a company at any one time, and there is no magic bullet that helps us successfully manage them all in the same way. Different personality types require different ways of managing them. Expert managers recognize this and have learned exactly how to … Continue reading

posted on 17 May 2017

Streamline Your New Hire Experience with Onboarding Documents

We’re excited to announce an awesome new feature and powerful enhancement to our Offer Letter Wizard. You can now create custom Onboarding Documents to send to your new hires along with the offer letter. Three easy options: 1. Select from our standard pre-configured documents for the basic forms (W-4, direct … Continue reading

posted on 02 May 2017

Identify the Candidates that Fit with Wonscore

The success of your business depends on a great team. To build a great team you’ve got to identify top talent and avoid toxic employees. We’re excited to announce a new way to help you quickly hire the best candidates through our new partnership with Wonderlic. In just minutes you … Continue reading

posted on 19 Apr 2017

4 Onboarding Tips for Remote Employees

Every new employee needs to undergo a well-planned onboarding process. This includes remote employees; with modern networks spanning the globe, more companies are open to taking on virtual employees. However, some organizations find it more difficult to integrate remote workers. Long distance can create time zone and communication issues that … Continue reading

posted on 17 Apr 2017

7 Hiring Tips to Write the Plan of a Productive Interview

The more prepared to conducting an interview you are, the smoother it’ll go. However, if you don’t have much experience in the interviewing process, it might be hard to come up with a proper interview plan right away. Even if you are experienced, these tips can help you make the … Continue reading

posted on 16 Mar 2017