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How to Train Your Employees on a Shoestring Budget

When small businesses are looking to make budget cuts, employee training is often what takes the first hit. Not only does a lack of training lead to high turnover rates, it can also lead to critical errors that may cost multiple times over what good training costs. Employee training is … Continue reading

posted on 27 Jul 2017

Customer Spotlight: HR Annie Consulting Inc.

HR Annie Consulting, an HR consulting company located in Portland, OR, provides a variety of HR services to help companies throughout the Pacific Northwest. Their services range from building clients’ HR processes and employee processes, to sourcing and hiring top talent. Before having an established applicant tracking system (ATS) in … Continue reading

posted on 24 Jul 2017

5 Ways to Eliminate Bias from Your Hiring Process

Being open to a variety of different views is a good thing, regardless of any rhetoric to the contrary. After all, in the United States alone, many of the biggest corporations today were founded by first- or second-generation immigrants, a group that practically ensures diversity.  Differences in background make for … Continue reading

posted on 19 Jul 2017

Go Rogue: How Edgy Job Postings Will Attract Better Candidates

Every company wants to attract the best and brightest talent, but not every organization is looking for straight-laced employees with traditional personalities. Creative organizations, unique start-ups, and companies with eccentric leaders are often looking for employees who can fit in with their unconventional company vision. People who fit outside-the-box don’t … Continue reading

posted on 17 Jul 2017

HR Trends that will Define 2017

The HR industry is continuously shifting its face and direction as the years are passing by. The newest technological breakthroughs along with the quick rise of digital applications are definitely changing the way employers treat their human resources management. We can notice a huge interest coming from investors from all … Continue reading

posted on 14 Jul 2017

Employee Retention Starts on Day One

Most employers start evaluating their employees around the one-year mark when they’re getting ready to give their annual reviews. While this is often when managers start considering the next steps for their team, most employees start thinking about their future much earlier, often right from the time they begin a … Continue reading

posted on 10 Jul 2017

What’s the deal with Google for Jobs?

If you’re searching for a job, you can now simply Google it. The tech giant recently launched its own job search engine, — Google for Jobs. This new job search engine pulls listings from across the web, providing access to more than a million job postings. Job seekers are first … Continue reading

posted on 07 Jul 2017

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posted on 30 Jun 2017