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Why pay is driving job satisfaction and what you should do about it?

Due to years of frozen salaries and small pay increase as a result of the economy, job satisfaction is now being directly linked to compensation. In a recent SHRM research report on job satisfaction, 96% of respondents indicated the compensation was “very important” or “important”, making it the top contributor … Continue reading

posted on 19 Sep 2016

Workplace Perks That Today’s Millennials Crave

Millennials entering the workforce signal a generational shift that challenges traditional employers. The new batch of employees have different expectations from their work and personal lives, so only companies that can adapt will have access to the best talent in the marketplace. Rather than extend the policies of the past, … Continue reading

posted on 23 Aug 2016

Why Recruiters are Keen to Hire Passive Candidates? [Infographic]

Passive candidates are those currently employed individuals who don’t effectively search out and apply for empty occupation positions, however are interested in catching wind of new openings for work. So their responsiveness to employment opportunities makes a substantial pool of chance for potential selection representative. It’s normal that individuals think … Continue reading

posted on 02 Aug 2016

The Value of Video Interviewing [Infographic]

Traditional hiring methods can costly and inefficient and we’re all looking for ways to improve the overall hiring process, cut cost, save time and still hire the best candidates. With the rise in video interviewing, you may be asking yourself, what is it’s true value and it is worth adding … Continue reading

posted on 07 Jul 2016

How to Deal with Boomerang Employees

It is no secret that the job market is changing and doing so at an ever-increasing speed. Some of it has to do with new technologies that allow for more comfortable recruitment and employee tracking processes and some of it has to do with new types of companies such as … Continue reading

posted on 05 Jul 2016

4 Red Flags Employers Should Look for During Video Interviews

Video interviews are becoming increasingly common as companies aim to cut the cost of hiring without compromising results. Whether your video interviews consist of a live two-way conversation, or you submit questions to candidates in advance, you can use the medium to gain an in-depth first impression of a candidate. … Continue reading

posted on 05 Jul 2016

New Job Board Partner: Totallyhired

HiringThing is pleased to announce the addition of a fantastic new job posting option, Totallyhired . Post to one of the fastest growing job boards on the internet, now available in-app. Totallyhired is one of the fastest growing job boards on the internet, dedicated to getting as many job seekers … Continue reading

posted on 21 Apr 2016

7 Tips for Success in Video Interviewing

HiringThing wants to ensure you get the most out video interviews and reap all the benefits we outlined in Benefits of Video Interviewing . We’ve put together a list of helpful tips/best practices that will help you reach a high response rate, get the best interviews from candidates and lead … Continue reading

posted on 19 Apr 2016

Social Stalking Before an Interview? There Are Better Options

Are social media background checks a smart way of vetting potential job candidates, or are they a risky proposition? In the vast majority of cases, there are better alternatives to “social stalking” for learning more about your applicants. A few years ago, it looked like social media background checks (or … Continue reading

posted on 18 Apr 2016