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Soft Skills to Look For to Help Strengthen Your Team

As a hiring manager, when you read through piles of resumes, you encounter a long list of skills promoted by applicants. However, many of these skills are generic or irrelevant to your company. Soft skills are particularly valuable because they are harder (and sometimes impossible) to teach, whereas “hard skills” … Continue reading

posted on 27 Apr 2018

What’s It Like to Work at HiringThing?

As you can easily discover through an internet search, HiringThing is an online recruiting system that helps companies post jobs online, manage applicants, and hire great employees. However, we’re a very unique company — we’re 100% virtual, meaning there is no formal “corporate office” and all our employees work remotely … Continue reading

posted on 19 Apr 2018

Why Your Recruiting Strategy Isn’t Working

You’ve posted the job ad with specific requirements, you’ve screened and pre-screened pages of resumes and candidates, and yet . . . nothing. Despite your best efforts and strategies to find the “right” candidate, no one seems to fit the bill. Not finding the right candidates is exasperating and may … Continue reading

posted on 11 Apr 2018

Partner Webinar: Integrated Background Screening Solutions

We’ve teamed up with Verified First to host a free informative webinar on April 18th at 1pm EDT! HiringThing’s integration with Verified First allows you to request an authorization from a candidate, order a background check, and view results directly from a single, easy-to-use interface. Your entire hiring team will … Continue reading

posted on 28 Mar 2018

How to Use a Content Marketing Approach to Attract Talent

If you think that, as a hiring manager or employer, you’re not in the marketing business, you’re mistaken. Candidates often seek a particular company based on referrals or job boards, but in many cases, to find the best talent, you must attract candidates in other ways. Many of the best … Continue reading

posted on 28 Mar 2018

Create More Autonomy in Your Hiring Department

Your HR department is swamped with resume intake and review, job post creation, interviews, and onboarding. If you’re a hiring manager or recruiter but also have your hands in all other tasks, it can be impossible to focus your efforts where it really matters — on sourcing and hiring new … Continue reading

posted on 15 Mar 2018

HiringThing Places on the 2018 FrontRunners Quadrant

We’re excited to announce that we have been recognized by Gartner in the ATS Software FrontRunners Quadrant! More than 440 products were evaluated, and only those with top scores for capability and value made the quadrant. HiringThing has been awarded the Pacesetters quadrant, which designates software systems that offer a … Continue reading

posted on 15 Mar 2018

What Should You Really Think About Interviewee Weaknesses?

“What’s your biggest weakness?” This is almost a throwaway question — most interviewers expect cookie-cutter answers that they pay little attention to. Some wonder why interviewers even ask this question. However, modern interview advice is full of recommendations for how interviewees should answer this question, so perhaps it’s time for … Continue reading

posted on 15 Mar 2018

The Art of Rejection — How Much Should You Say?

After a terrible interview, it’s tempting to just toss your notes in the recycling bin and move on, but the question remains: how much, if any, feedback should you give when rejecting someone? Breaking the news to a candidate is hard enough, even without going into detail, but dumping him … Continue reading

posted on 14 Mar 2018