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Association-Provided Member Recruiting Solutions

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If your association’s members are struggling to find qualified applicants for their open positions, consider offering them an all-in-one hiring solution. HiringThing’s powerful yet easy-to-use hiring solution streamlines the recruiting process while connecting hiring managers with the best candidates. Distinguish your membership offering with a unique, affordable benefit that can only be accessed through your association.

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For the Association

  1. Provide an incredible new member benefit for your members – at no cost
  2. Enjoy a potential revenue stream to bolster association funds without raising membership dues
    • We offer 15% revenue share on plans once members upgrade past the first free job
  3. Fully-supported offering –  webinar launches, meet’n’greet virtual lunches, email nurturing, live chat in-app member support – we’ll help spread the word

For the Association Member

  1. Each association member receives a free, award-winning recruiting account
  2. Each association member can post their first job, for free, each month
  3. Full-featured recruiting platform with all the bells and whistles – including connected career pages, interview scheduling, messaging templates, electronic onboarding and more
  4. Flexible, affordable plans available as your recruiting needs scale up or vary

Implement a fully branded, customized version of our solution to meet your members’ hiring needs, and watch your engagement and non-dues revenue expand. Claim our exclusive offer for associations today to get started.

Author: Ciara Tejani

Ciara is VP of Sales and Marketing at HiringThing, an award-winning online recruiting software provider dedicated to changing the way businesses hire talent. Questions? Contact HiringThing Marketing.

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